Mean Girls Make Pretty WICKED Moms

Ever wonder what happened to the “mean girls” from high school? They were perfectly coiffed and manicured; and would stop at nothing to one-up each other… well, some things NEVER change.

On Tuesday, June 4, it’s a raging, raucous mommy war as six feisty Atlanta mothers make their small screen debut on Lifetime’s all-new unscripted comedy, Pretty Wicked Moms***. Catch a first glimpse below!

Whether it’s extravagant birthday parties, devising a strict vegan diet for their one-year-old or masterminding their baby’s social climb (or should we say crawl?) to the top, there’s no end to their plotting and scheming. Knowing the competition among them is fierce, these swanky mothers take motherhood and mischief to an entirely new and outrageous level.

Don’t miss the premiere of Pretty Wicked Moms***Tuesday, June 4 at 10/9c on Lifetime


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