Josh and Anna Duggar Welcome Baby No. 3: Marcus Anthony

Congratulations to Josh and Anna Duggar who welcomed their third child – a boy – on Sunday (June 2). The couple have named him Marcus Anthony.

Josh shared a photo via Instagram and wrote on Friday (June 7): “We are so excited to announce the arrival our little guy! Mackynzie and Michael are thrilled to welcome a little brother and we are so thankful that mom and baby are well! We are blessed to have our family close as we celebrate this gift from God!”

Marcus arrived at 11:32 a.m. and weighed in at 9 lbs., 3 oz. He joins Mackynzie, 3½, and Michael, 2.

When Anna announced her pregnancy on the Today show in March – she was asked if they will be on their way to their own 19 kids.

She replied, “I’m from a small family of eight and I’m so glad that my parents had each of the children that they had. Children are a blessing.”


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  1. Ok, so mom picks all J names and they will pick all M names. Wonder how many his wife will wind up with.

  2. Great … more duggar freaks over populating the already jam packed earth.. i just can’t believe theyre doing this for love rather to stay relevant for the freak parade tv show.. 1 billion kids and counting

  3. Wow, 3 kids before 25, I wonder how many her vg will take.. I mean, is it even safe to have so many in such a short period of time?
    Best wishes to them, but I hope they’re thinking about Anna’s health too, and not just about God sending them kids as gifts from heaven. Because she’s the one who has to carry all of them.

    • I guess when you’re married to someone who comes from a family of twenty one, eight must seem on the small side 🙂

  4. Well, I have to agree that the Duggar’s 21 family members makes a family of 8 seems small. Congrats if they’re happy, more power to them!

  5. As much as I dislike the duggars and their way of life (ATI cult where they practice blanket training on infants) I’m glad that this baby boy is healthy and Anna is doing well after birth.

  6. Averaging about one a year. If it were me I think I’d want a breather before I got pregnant with number 4. You know, enjoy some life without being pregnant.

  7. my parents had 3 kids by 25, and we were each 2 yrs apart, so my sister was 4 when i was born and my bro was almost 2, no harm to my mum

    • The problem isn’t 3 kids by age 25. I’m sure that’s fine, physically speaking. The problem is having 1 kid a year, non-stop, until you reach menopause.
      Hopefully Anna will listen to her body when is says “enough is enough”.

      Michelle was extremely lucky (up until her last 2 pregnancies), but should not be shown as a model. Not many women have her endurance.

  8. There is no such thing as a small family of eight. There is something wrong with these people. Sane people do not have 19 kids. She is turning into his mom, pumping out babies like puppies. There is no way having so many kids back to back is good for your health. She will probably be pregnant again before year end. The J names is creepy and they are keeping up with the M’s I just thinking having all those kids is just selfish. How is it possible that everyone gets enough attention? Did they ever think about the children they already have? What are their jobs to support 20 kids?

    • The elder Duggar’s own several commercial properties and the Josh bought and ran his own car lot for several years until he accepted a new job in Washington.
      Maybe you should concern yourself with the LARGE percentage of larger families in the US that live on welfare for generations. This family does not push their religion on anyone, they don’t force you to watch the show and they are supporting themselves and their children. TLC pays them very little for their show.
      These children always seem happy and very well behaved. At least they’re not walking into public places and shooting innocent victims like some Americans.

        • Why? Because the younger ones run around and act like young children?
          Are the older ones running around getting pregnant? Drinking? Doing drugs? No.
          They don’t swear and they don’t bully. I’d like to know how your children behave.

  9. Ugh, it’s hard for me to be happy for this family when the Duggars actively try to stop my family from expanding (as a gay woman).

    However, glad little Marcus is healthy and I hope he grows up to be a more independent thinker than his family.

  10. I wonder what any of the Duggars would do if one of their kids one day decided not to be a part of their religion…their kids are born with free will. Just sayin. And yes, 20 plus kids Is just too much. I wonder if michelle or anna will stop procreating I one of their babies has special needs.

    • Also, I don’t think they know that overcrowding the world is a real issue.
      If everybody did like them, just not using condoms, and every famiy had 15-20 kids, what would the society do? There wouldn’t even be enough space or food for everybody!

      • Do you make the same argument about people who chose not to have children at all? I mean, if everybody did like that and every family had no kids, what would the society do?

    • I think its probably a completely innocent choice. My bet is that they aren’t really up on too much pop culture and aren’t too familiar with Marc Anthony. He’s not really in the limelight as much anymore.

  11. Freaks of nature! The woman’s vg is probably expanded to the point of no return… what a waste of youth… the world is already populated enough without all these Duggar babies! We are in a recession folks, now is not the future- which is going to be much worse!

    • She’s on her way to # 16. In their family the older children do not have lives and are responsible for raising children their parents pumped out. The women do not get a chance to go to college and are considered baby making machines by their husbands. It is sad their eldest children can not have lives of their own, a woman’s job is not just to lay up and have babies. It can cause many serious health problems. The Duggar men need to realize their wives are humans not rabbits. Michelle last baby was born extremely premature. Her body can’t take another baby. Before anyone says they only have three do you really believe they will stop at three. They are backwards rabbits

      • Michelle’s last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage because the fetus’s heart stopped beating, the pregnancy previous to that ended it a very premature birth because she developed kidney stones, which caused her to have preeclampsia and she had to have a C-section.
        If you knew anything about them at all you would know that the two older Duggar daughters are both taking Midwifery and Doula, so get your facts straight before stating that they do not have a chance for a higher education.

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