Kim Kardashian: Baby Bumpin’ With Her BFF

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian was photographed with BFF Jonathan Cheban as they lunched at Casa Vega in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (June 12) while filming scenes for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim went casual chic in an olive maxi maternity dress, paired with a white blazer, long gold chain and flat sandals.

Kim was all smiles amid the cheating rumors. As such, her rapper beau, Kanye West, is publicly being accused of cheating on Kim with a Canadian model/bartender.

Leyla Ghobadi, 24, recently told TMZ she met Kanye at one of his concerts in July 2012 — three months after Kim and Kanye began dating.

She claims Kanye picked her out of the crowd and they hooked up for drinks. According to Ghobadi, they later engaged in two sexual encounters – one while Kim was pregnant – and that Kanye confessed his relationship to Kim was a sham in order to increase his fan base.

But Kanye’s rep states, “This most recent attack on Kanye West and his family is totally without merit. It’s a blatant attempt by a misguided individual who is clearly seeking publicity, and another in a series of malicious stories drummed up by non-credible ‘news’ sources.”

The rep adds, “This is a sad attempt to hurt two people trying to live their lives.”

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  1. I don’t know if this cheating scandal is true or not, but I wouldn’t completely brush it aside. They do say that “the way you get em’ is the way you lose em’.”

    • Except for the fact that Kim was separated from Kris when she started dating Kanye. This new scandal just seems like the girl is trying to make some money out of their situation.

  2. If it keeps them apart, it could be a good thing. After reading his quotes in the New York Times interview, the child and Kim might have a better life with Mr. West out of the picture.

    I hope it turns out that whatever happens is best for the baby.

  3. Well sad to say this but what do you expect dating a rapper who calls you his “Baby Mama”. Buckle up Kim more accusations are coming.

  4. I didn’t believe it from the get go and now it turns out that Kanye and Kim were together on the night this girl claimed to have sex with him…it is a sad day when the only way you can get yourself noticed is to publicly lie…good luck on getting noticed for your modeling now!!!

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