Ivanka Trump: I Won’t Tolerate Arabella Being Bratty

Ivanka Trump – who is expecting her second child with husband Jared Kushner – says she won’t let her 23-month-old daughter Arabella get spoiled.

She tells US Weekly, “Arabella isn’t even 2, so she hasn’t thrown me the challenges of a teenager . . . but I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty strict. My mother [Ivana Trump] laid down pretty concrete guidelines and the concept of ‘because I said so’ was a totally viable option. The one thing I won’t tolerate is her being spoiled or bratty or having poor manners. That’s one area [in which] I’ll be very strict.”

Ivanka also shares they’ve been preparing Arabella for the baby’s arrival in the fall.

“We’re navigating the sharing thing right now — I think we’re, like, 70 percent of the way there. She’s really good at telling me I have to share with her. She’s less good about actually sharing back. She offers to share and then when you get close, she pulls it back and says ‘no’. Particularly when food’s involved.”

Recently the mogul mom and her daughter took a trip to Rome and shared photos via Instagram.

On June 10 she wrote: “We learned during our pizza making lesson that tossing the pie is considered “very Hollywood” & that real pizza makers “respect the dough.” Oops! #WhenInRome.”

Ivanka – who announced her pregnancy news on Twitter – regularly posts photos of herself. Two weeks ago she posted a snapshot and told fans, “Rocking a dress from fall apparel collection on my way out the door to the office. #ivankatrump #apparel #jewelry”

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