Pregnant & Dating’s Rachel Klein: My Babies Had Their Own Birth Plan

Pregnant & Dating's Rachel Klein: My Babies Had Their Own Birth Plan

Rachel Klein is one of the single pregnant women featured on WE’s reality show Pregnant and Dating. The 43-year-old Hollywood television and film producer recently gave birth to twin boys! The show follows Rachel and four other women who have embraced their pregnancy and want to show the world that being single and pregnant isn’t always a tragedy.

Rachel recently dished to Celebrity Baby Scoop on why she did the show, the births and how she’s coping being a new mom.

CBS: What made you want to do the WE reality show Pregnant and Dating?

RK: My friends encouraged me to do it to just have fun and meet new people.  I also thought as a producer it might be interesting and kind of cool to see things from the other side of the camera.

CBS: Tell us about the experience, did you have any regrets?

RK: It was like a social experiment.  I mean, couples date all the time with children, but this is a little different.  I found that being pregnant took all the nervousness out of my life and made me concentrate on me and the boys….and CAKE! Your priorities change for the better and while it was fun to let the producers dress me up and put make up and eye lashes on me, the bottom line was I found that I am happy being me – the baseball hat wearing, sports fan, guy’s girl – and was simply really was excited to meet my two little boys.

CBS: You’re a television and film producer – how do you juggle dating, work and expecting twins?

RK: Being pregnant was amazing.  I loved it!  I didn’t have any morning sickness, back pain or any of the issues people kept saying were coming down the pike, so “juggling” being an expectant mom wasn’t an issue for me.  I take care of myself and that just became taking care of me and these two little munchkins-to-be.  I love my job and everyone I work with now is like family.  I did find early in my pregnancy that during some daytime meetings, I wanted to sleep more than hear what anyone was saying (and as a matter of fact I fell asleep in the main area of our offices once!) but strangely enough…no one cared!  I am a very high octane person so slowing down a bit was a welcomed change and everyone supported it.

CBS: Did you have a birth plan? Who was in the room with you?

RK: The twins were supposed to be born au- naturale!  However they had their own idea.  Their Dad was in the delivery room with me.  I wanted him to experience the birth of his kids and I knew no one else would understand how incredible this feeling was like he would.  My first son was born naturally.  He wanted out and was born just a few hours after I got to the hospital.  My second son was happy he finally had the place to himself and wasn’t in a rush to come out.  An hour later, the contractions I was having caused his heart rate to crash.  I was raced back into surgery.  Their Dad was rushed off to scrub up but the doctors left him in the hallway.  My epidural was wearing off so I could feel them prepping me for surgery.  The anesthesiologist was trying to get me under fast but I was fighting it.  Finally, I heard someone say “did anyone get the Dad?”  The doors were opened, their Dad ran in, I had an emergency C-section and as my son was held up…I looked up and saw him, heard him cry and out I went!  Moral of the story?  You may have a birth plan but the babies might have one of their own!

CBS: What kind of a mom do you hope to be?

RK: That’s a trick question as I’ve never thought about it.  I want to be a mom who listens, is patient and kind.  I won’t miss baseball games or plays for work and I want to teach my kids to be respectful and how to earn people’s trust and love.  Most importantly, I want to raise two boys that have a respect for women to where they see commitment, fatherhood and partnership in a positive light.  Women rock!

CBS: What did your family (parents) say when you told them you were pregnant?  Were they supportive?

RK: My mom was over the moon happy!  She still signs her emails 15 different versions of “Grandma!”  She and my sister love these little men with all their hearts.  Both were super supportive.

CBS: When the babies were born – did you take off from work? Did you hire a nanny?

RK: I took about 5 months off of work.  I turned into that sappy person I swore I wouldn’t…one who just wanted to hold the babies all day!  But once I decided to go back, I had a new outlook.  If something was going to take me away from these two munchkins, it had to be a positive experience.  I decided only to take on projects where I worked with positive people.    It was hard but has made such a difference in my life!  The BEST thing that happened, though, was that my sister who has been in law enforcement for 20 years, called me one day and said “are you still looking for a nanny?”  When I said yes, she gave her notice, left her job and has been the boy’s nanny ever since!  They love her and when her key hits the door in the morning, the boys both look right at her and smile so big.  It is a level of security and peace of mind that is a luxury.  I love her for this gift to us. She is amazing with them.  Plus it’s like the boys have their own bodyguard!

CBS: What advice or tips can you share to other women out there that might be in the same situation as you?

RK: Find strong women in your inner circle and community that have great kids and ask them how they did it!  It’s what I did.  And take time each morning to shut the world out and just be with your kids.  It’s a terrific way to start the day!

Pregnant & Dating is currently airing on Fridays at 10/9 c on WE tv.

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