Tori Spelling: The Kids Are Protective Of Each Other

As they prepare for a fun and busy summer, reality stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have a big brood of built-in playmates.

“With four kids you always wonder, ‘I hope the older two don’t feel jealous ever.’ There’s never been any of that with any of them,” Tori told Us Weekly of her sons Liam, 6, and Finn, 9 months, and daughters Stella, 5, and Hattie, 1.

“We got so lucky, they’re all so protective of each other!” she added with pride. “Liam is constantly looking out for Hattie and Finn and taking care of them and Stella is like a total little mom.”

She went on to talk about Hattie’s A-list crush. “She says she’s Justin Bieber’s girlfriend,” Tori said. “She also loves Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys. She is like 20 months going on 30.”

And how is baby Finn doing? “He just started crawling so he’s everywhere!” she shared. “Liam always says, ‘That’s my dude!’ They’re great [together].”

When asked about a fifth child, Tori said, “Never say never, but our family is very happy and complete. It’s time to enjoy the little ones we have.”


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  1. I think she exaggerates her children’s stories.

    At 20 months Hattie is saying she is Justin Beiber’s girlfriend?? LOL

  2. I like Tori and think she’s truly defied the assumptions (some with valid reasons) about what life would be for her as the daughter of a HW titan. I saw an interview with her and she is so level-headed, realistic and “everyday people.” I think her dad would have been very proud of who she’s become.

  3. I love that picture of Tori with her four children.Just by looking at all their happy faces.You can tell they all love one another.I agree she and her hubby have done a great job.I also had four children,but not as close in age as hers.So what if she had help.She should be admired and to make sure she knows she is admired.

    • Why should a person with 3 nannies and a housekeeper be admired for having 4 children? That makes no sense. And it’s kind of disturbing to see how quick people are to put celebrities up on pedestal.

  4. It seems that every picture I see of Stella… she looks unhappy.
    I hope it’s just a phase or she’s bored being photographed.

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