Guess Who Revealed: Anton Pacino

It’s Anton Pacino!

Legendary actor Al Pacino was seen lunching with his 12-year-old son in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (June 19). The Godfather star, 73, wore all black alongside his son who sported a ninja T-shirt and flip-flops.

The pre-teen is Al’s son with actress Beverly D’Angelo, and he also has a twin sister named Olivia.

The National Lampoon’s actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about co-parenting the twins with her famous ex.

“We’re great friends,” Beverly said of her close relationship with Al. “The basis of our relationship was always a friendship and now 16 years down the line, it remains the same.”

She added: “These children were vey much wanted and it was a purposeful journey we took together. We reached a point where we decided it would be better not to live together. But we co-parent well. We have a schedule that we follow when the kids are with me and another for when they’re with him. We have a lot of consistency and we’re good friends. We’ve got a 50/50 agreement and I accommodate his work schedule and vice versa.”


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    • Andres Garcia’s wife is not a celebrity so it can’t be him. Not to mention i don’t know who Andres Garcia Bernal is 🙁 Unless you meant Gael.

  1. Wow…Al Pacino is looking very thin! Hope nothing is wrong with his health. My nephews would love Anton’s t-shirt.

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