Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Breakfast Buddies

Expectant mama Rachel Zoe was photographed with her 2-year-old son Skyler in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (June 28). Stepping out in black and denim, the reality star toted her tot as they left breakfast at Nate ‘n Al’s.

Skyler kept cool with a turquoises sleeveless onesie and sandals and appeared to be wearing a bandaid on his forehead.

The celebrity stylist, 41, and her businessman husband, Rodger Berman, made no secret of their desire for more children on the last season of their Bravo show, The Rachel Zoe Project.

Rachel told SheKnows in May: “The answer is that if it is meant to be it will be, and if we are lucky enough to have another one, we will have another one. I think we are so blessed with Sky and [if] that is all we are supposed to have, then that is okay too.”


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  1. What the hell did she do to his hair? It looks like its clipped up on one side. This woman clearly wanted a girl. In the 4th picture below there is no way you can tell me that he doesn’t look exactly like a girl.

    • I’m always confused by these comments. Because this child doesn’t fit YOUR visual definition of what a boy SHOULD look like, his mother doesn’t want him?? And on top of that, you actually make it sound like it’s something awful and tragic that he looks like a girl. LOTS of baby boys have ‘feminine’ features. Get over yourself!

  2. No moron, we are not talking about feminine “features”. Where in any of the above posts does it say that? Do you not know how to read? She dresses him like a girl, combs his hair like a girl etc. What does that have to do with features? Do you know what features mean?

    • He’s wearing a one-piece blue jumper. How is dressing him like a girl? His hair is long (and if you weren’t such a hater, you’d know WHY his hair is long), so she pulls it back to keep him comfortable in the heat. What’s wrong with that????

  3. My goodness, this beautiful little child could pass for a little girl instead of a boy. He is gorgeous but his looks are that of a little girl. He’s adorable!

  4. Seriously, the comments about Skyler’s hair need to stop! How many times do you people need to be told about his Jewish heritage and the fact that they are not cutting his hair until he turns 3!!! He is a beautiful child and he doesn’t wear dresses, geez. He wears little rompers and alot of boys wear those because they are comfortable and keep him cool in this horrible weather. It looks like Rachel is trying to clip his hair up to avoid the vitriolic comments that seem to come her way about his hair. I don’t remember such hateful comments about Liv tyler’s son, Toby MacGuire’s son, Kate Hudson’s son or Sarah Jessica’s son or Celine’s oldest son.

  5. Some people are so rude and weird. They get completely lost if a little girl doesn’t wear pink dresses and long hair or if a boy doesn’t wear blue clothes and short hair,

    My 10 months old daughter doesn’t have a lot of hair. Last week, we were outside, she was wearing clothes with blue flowers on it. A woman, out of the blue, asked me if she was a boy or a girl…

    I answered “she’s a girl”. she told me “you can’t see it’s a girl, you must dress her in pink.” Then she paused a thought about it “and put some bows you stick on her head”. I thanked her politely and tried to escape. ” You must pierce her ears”.

    She was in such a pain because my daughter didn’t looked enough like a girl… She was really trying to help me with that horrible problem, because I was obiously too dumb to make my unfortunate short haired daughter look like a real woman…

    At least my husband and I had a good laugh that night.

  6. Marie, unless you know the family and they personally told you, you have no idea why his hair is that long. There are many Jewish celebrity baby boys and their hair is not left to grow that long. And it’s not only his hair, she dresses him like a GIRL. I hope the next one is a girl.

  7. Who cares how she dressed him or how long his hair is or how it’s tied up or whether some random people on the internet think he looks more like a girl than a boy? Like if you actually think about it for one second, who cares? It’s kind of creepy how hung up some commenters are on a toddler’s appearance.

  8. In every photo you see them in he is smiling and looks like a really happy child. No one, really ever discusses this. It is weird that all the talk around this seemingly healthy little boy is his hair. To be honest, I never really knew of this woman except for the fact that she seemed to work with women in Hollywood who were notoriously thin. She appeared to be a really mean person, but based on the interaction with her child, she seems like a cool person and its weird what people see in photos or at least comment on.

  9. I never understand why people get their panties in such a knot over this child. His hair is long because they’re Jewish and they won’t cut it until he’s 3. She puts it in a ponytail because it’s extremely hot in CA right now, and she wants him to be comfortable. Is that a crime?

    I never understand why people feel such a need to have a childs hair “match” their gender. I have two boys, one is Skylar’s age and the other is 6 months old. My 2 year old has very long curly blonde hair, I guess similar to Skylar’s, only blonde (and let me just add here, it’s long because HE wants it long. I have asked him to cut it before and he cries and says “No, love my hair!”). My 6 month old barely has any hair, and what he does have is barely visible because it’s so blonde, so basically he looks bald. The other day we were at the mall and both of them were dressed very boy-ishly, and a lady came up and was talking about my 6 month old, and referred to my 2 year old as “big sister”. I just smiled and said “Oh, actually that’s big brother” and the lady got the most horrified look on her face and started talking about why his hair is so long. She said “Little brother’s hair looks like a boy, why big brothers hair look like a girl?!”. So basically because my infant is BALD, his “hair” is acceptable? A lady behind us in line overheard and said “I wouldn’t cut those beautiful blonde curls either!” and the other lady snorted and said “Crazy people! He need dress so he can be little girl.”. Seriously? If the style of child’s hair who you don’t even know bothers you that much, you may need more thing to fill out your day.

    This child is absolutely beautiful, end of story.

  10. He’s not cute- and it’s not the hair (wonder why some people keep complaining about it.) If he was cute at all, his hair won’t be a problem as many little boys- such as Blanket Jackson- have kept long hair since birth and still look like boys- even cute. He just not cute or adorable… honestly.

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