Jason Brooks: By Today’s Standards, I’m A Strict Parent

Jason Brooks is in the upcoming movie The Perfect Boyfriend – set to air on Friday, July 5 on LMN at 8PM/ET/9PM/PT. His list of television credits is long and includes Revolution, Body of Proof and Switched at Birth. However you might know him best for his role as Peter Blake on Days Of Our Lives.

In The Perfect Boyfriend Brooks plays Chuck who becomes part of a plot to get a hold of a single mom’s wealth. Celebrity Baby Scoop exclusively asked the actor on the making of the movie, fatherhood, and having the “perfect” marriage.

CBS: Tell us about your character Chuck in The Perfect Boyfriend?

JB: Chuck is basically a good guy, but gets in his own way.  In an effort reap the benefits of a large construction development, he gets involved in the wrong way of doing business with the wrong kind of people.  Along the way, he breaks his promises to his ex- wife and, more importantly, his son, and places himself and them in danger…

CBS: What was it like working with your fellow actors?

JB: Great!  It was a fun group to work with!  Ashley (Scott) was an absolute delight. Beautiful, charming, talented and present.  Karen- also beautiful, AND funny!  It’s hard to believe someone that sweet could play a character who is that bat sh– crazy… Aidan (Turner), from here on to be referred to as “The Most Handsome Man Alive” is a great guy.  Cool and laid back…

CBS: You played a villain on Days of Our Lives – is there a difference between acting in a soap opera and a prime time television series?

JB: The biggest difference is the time.  To do an hour of a soap, it takes a day which is about 70-80 script pages.  In primetime, you have about 8 days to do the equivalent amount of pages so you have more of an opportunity for quality.  There’s also more money being put towards the production value of a primetime show which allows it to look better.

CBS: Would you ever consider doing a live reality show – like Dancing With The Stars?

JB: Look, I’ve got kids.  Robbing a bank is an option if need be…  Right now, I have no specific interest in doing “reality” TV, but I’ve learned to never say never…

CBS: Your first job was in a studio mail room, what is your advice on young people wanting to start out in the acting business?

JB: My advice to anyone wanting to get into the entertainment business is always the same: don’t do it!  However, if you feel you HAVE to do it, then I would suggest you approach it as a professional.  The first step would be to get the proper training.

CBS: What actors/actresses do you dream of working with in the future?

JB: There are too many to list.  Some of my favorite actors/actresses are: “Gary Oldman, Jeff Bridges, Alec Baldwin, Denzel Washington, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, Kates Winslet and Blanchet…  The list would go on and on and on and on and on and…

CBS: Out of all your television credits – do you have a favorite role?

JB: Hmmn.  Tough one.  I’d say the one I cringe the least when I watch is “Connor Banes” in “Without A Trace”.  Maybe “Thomas Gates” in “The Pretender”, largely because I enjoyed working with Andrea Parker so much…

CBS: You’ve been married to your wife for over two decades, do you have advice on having a “perfect” marriage?

JB: It will be 26 years this month (we met in grade school for you smart-ass mathematicians).

The first piece of advice I’d give on having a perfect marriage is to understand that there is no such thing.  The important thing is that we are all humans and we’re imperfect and we all make mistakes and that we need to learn from our mistakes.  The path of your relationship is about growing together, not perpetuating to same mistakes for the duration of your time together.  Equally important is that we understand that our partners make mistakes as well and that we need not just to forgive, but to accept these mistakes as a catalyst for learning/growth.

It’s different for every couple, but two very strong areas in my relationship with my wife, Corinne, are our companionship – we truly enjoy each other’s company and our active partnership in parenting our children…plus, I just do what she says.  It’s a lot easier that way…

CBS: : You have two sons, what are their names and ages?  Tell us a little about them and what they’re into.

JB: Kanan is 11 and Jaredan is 14.  They’re both really into basketball which was my sport so I’m very excited…

CBS: Are you a strict dad or a laid back one?  What’s something you love about fatherhood?

JB: By today’s standards, I’m strict.  By my parents’ generational standards, I’m a pushover.  Recently, I took away one of my sons’ cellphone for a day because he did something he wasn’t supposed to do.  Pretty much says it all… One of the things I love about fatherhood is watching their personalities develop enabling them to become their own men.

CBS: What are your summer plans?

JB: Well, we were supposed to take several family trips including a family reunion on my wife’s side.  However , amidst of teaching some 20-something year-olds the finer points of the game of basketball at my gym, I tore my Achilles’ tendon which is requiring 4-6 weeks of staying off of it and months of physical therapy to recover from the surgery.  Our plans were somewhat thwarted by the injury, but we did send our children on two of the trips…

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