Steve Carell Can Relate To ‘Despicable Me’ Character

Steve Carell says he’s expecting a “difficult growth period” for his children Elisabeth Anne, 12, and John, 9. The Despicable Me 2 star told reporters recently, “I know there’s another period of time that’s going to be a very, very different and difficult growth period for everybody, my wife and I as well.”

People also reports the 44-year-old actor added, “You don’t want to see your kids get hurt. That’s the main thing. You know they’re going to have their hearts broken at some point, and you can’t ultimately protect them against having that happen.”

In another interview – Carell was asked about his character Gru in Despicable Me.

He said, “I have two little kids so I don’t really relate to him as a super spy, but I do relate to him as a dad for sure, and the fact that he has a daughter that’s getting to the age that she’s interested in boys and dating, I have a daughter that is just on the verge of that age, so I think I related to that most of all.”

He also shared, “It’s interesting how this movie mirrors what a lot of parents go through when they have kids, because initially, when you have kids, the focus becomes the kids. I know that became the case with my wife and I, almost at the expense of everything else, it became all about our kids.

“Which is fine, but within that, you can’t lose your sense of self, you can’t lose your career and what motivates you and what nourishes you. I think that’s the character of Gru, he’s at odds with himself, so he needs to find something that’s not being a villain but is equally satisfying.”

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