Beverley Mitchell: Motherhood Has Come Naturally

Best known for her roles on 7th Heaven and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Beverley Mitchell recently welcomed first child – daughter Kenzie Lynne – with husband Michael Cameron.

The actress, 32, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of new motherhood, her dream baby who “enjoys sleeping,” her C-section birth and experience with breastfeeding. Beverley goes on to share her must-have baby items from the best car seat, to diaper bag to mommy jewelry.

CBS: Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter Kenzie! How is she doing? How are you adjusting to new motherhood?

BM: “Thank you. We are both doing well and I am absolutely loving being a mom. It truly has been the best job and I couldn’t love her more.”

CBS: How did you come up with the name Kenzie Lynne?

BM: “Michael and I wanted something that was fun and flowed with Cameron. Once we came up with Kenzie, is pretty much stuck. It is young, playful, and spirited just like her.”

CBS: How was the birth? Did you have a natural birth? C-section?

BM: “I ended up having a C-section because Kenzie was Frank breech and it was not safe to deliver any other way. We were hoping she would turn, but she had a mind of her own and was wedged high up into my rib cage.”

CBS: Are you breastfeeding and/or pumping? If so, how is that going?

BM: “I am breastfeeding. The first few weeks were a little painful but once I got the hang of it, it has been fine. I pump occasionally to get her used to a bottle, plus Michael loves the opportunity to feed her and bond with her as well.

So we try to use the bottle once a day and Michael takes that feeding. Other than that, I am mostly breastfeeding. I was a little nervous but just planned on doing my best and luckily everything worked out great.”

CBS: Are you using a nanny? Or will you be using a nanny in the near future?

BM: “We are not using a nanny — to be honest, selfishly, we want her all to ourselves. We are loving every minute. We have been pretty lucky from the beginning — she has slept 5 hours and then every 3 and more recently she has been sleeping 8 hours. So we don’t seem to be as exhausted as most parents to newborns. We are lucky that she enjoys sleeping just as much as we do. But we have plenty of people lined up to babysit when we finally are willing to leave her for a minute.”

CBS: What has been the biggest surprise so far about motherhood? What has been the biggest challenge so far?

BM: “The biggest surprise about motherhood was how natural everything has come. We did not read any books but have just gone off of instincts and her cues. I have never been more comfortable in this new role and love it so much.

The biggest challenge was with my recovery — I thought I would bounce back and be just fine. I mean, I worked out the day before I delivered, but here I am 12 weeks later and have not stepped back into the gym. I am still letting my body recover and taking it easy.”

CBS: We hear you are back from your first trip with baby Kenzie. Where did you go and what are some of the must-have items you brought along? Do you have any great travel tips for our readers? What are your favorite baby products so far?

BM: “We traveled back to Colorado for Kenzie to meet her great grandpa Joe. She was a fantastic little traveler — it was much harder on us than on her. Just the amount of ‘stuff’ is a real challenge and security was a bit of an adventure.

We used the Britax B ready stroller and it was awesome because it was sturdy and was able to hold my extra bags in the undercarriage basket. On the return flight, we actually were able to bring the Britax B safe infant car seat on the plane and that was amazing. She slept the whole flight.

I did breastfeed on the way up and on the way down to avoid any problems with her little ears. Our pediatrician also suggested drops of breast milk in her eyes and nose before the flight and after to help her immune system so we did that as well.

I also don’t go anywhere without my aden + anais bamboo burb cloths and blankets. They are so ridiculously soft and light weight — they are easy to throw in the diaper bag and I always find a use for them.

I also love my 7 A.M. Enfant diaper bag — it is perfect for travel and light weight and holds everything I need and is easy to connect to the stroller. I am also all about my Itzy Ritzy bags for carrying Kenz’s pacifiers — I have one for the clean ones and then one for all the dirty ones she tosses on the floor. They are also great for times she makes a mess of her outfit so it keeps the diaper bags clean. I also have these bags stocked in my diaper bag.”

CBS: Are you concerned about losing the baby weight? Or are you embracing your post-baby body?

BM: “I have no expectations about returning to my pre-baby weight. To be honest, my main concern is Kenzie. If I can get to the gym, great! I would love to get my strength back, but as far as a goal weight, I am just letting my body heal and do what it does.

I don’t want to get caught up in the hype, I want to be present in the moment with Kenzie.”

CBS: Tell us about some of your favorite baby gifts so far. And we’d love to hear about the baby nursery.

BM: “One of my favorite gifts was my Posh Mommy necklace — I have a big K and I wear it everywhere. So cute and it tells everyone who owns my heart, my baby girl.

For Kenzie’s nursery we looked high and low for her bedding. I didn’t want anything too pink and frilly. Then I found Carousel Designs and it was so hard to choose. I wanted something that was serene and in a more neutral pallette. I absolutely love the bedding we choose: the Taupe Suzani and we even had her drapes made by Carousel Designs.

For the furniture I fell in love with Pottery Barn Kids. I love the white classic furniture and have to admit I am completely obsessed with the Lux Trellis Rug. We completed the room with the PB Kids Comfort Swivel Glader and ottoman. Her nursery is just perfect and her closet is totally labeled with Mabel’s Labels. I am a label maniac.

We have recently been hiking with little miss Kenzie. I love the Stokke My Carrier. It is perfect for the trails where we can’t take the stroller. And, we just started using this super cool Shaidee to keep her protected from the sun. It feels good to finally get out and get moving.”


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  1. She says they just came up with Kenzie Lynne…. but…. her co-star who played her sister Ruthie on 7th heaven is called Mackenzie Lyn Rosman – surely that gave them a little inspiration??

  2. I’m sure the companies that “gifted” her all of the above-noted products appreciate the blatant plugs.

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