Ali Vincent: “I’m Going Straight For The Babies”

Ali Vincent, The Biggest Loser‘s first female winner, recently hosted the season three premiere launch of her ABC Live Well Network program, Live Big With Ali Vincent. Held at Sofitel Los Angeles, this red carpet soiree gave Ali, her mother, Bette-Sue Burkland, and their celeb fans a chance to celebrate another season of eating right and LIVING BIG.

At the event, Ali opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being on the show with her mom, living a balanced life, and how her life has changed since winning The Biggest Loser. She also reveals that she’s “going straight for the babies!”

CBS: Tell us about being with your mom on Live Big With Ali Vincent. What bonding activities do you two like doing together?

AV: “We do everything together now. This season, we definitely have a lot of fun and we’re together 24/7. We all love our moms and always want to be with them, but adult women are not supposed to spend that much time together. We’ll be like, ‘We’re not supposed to be fighting! I am so embarrassed! [laughs] Our Live Big producers got a little uncomfortable on several different occasions, but my mom and I do love each other and it’s all about growing together, having this balance, trying to figure it out; and living BIG together.”

CBS: What is your greatest tip on living a balanced life?

AV: “I think the greatest tip is continuing to pay attention. The Live Well Network helps us do that, because it gives us all these different things to talk about, such as how to feel beautiful, how to dress for success, and how to make good choices. For me, I wanted to do something like Live Big because I wanted to keep the conversation going. We’re just normal girls trying to figure out how to have successful careers while having babies and relationships. Well, maybe the relationships first then the babies, but I’m going straight for the babies…these are baby-making hips and I need to start next year! [laughs] Lots of babies! That will be next season…’Ali Pops Out A Baby.'” [laughs]

My sister just had her last child and all her babies have all been 10+ pounds. To me, that is definitely living big. If I can get one of those out, who knows? [laughs] That’s the only thing I can compare to The Biggest Loser…all that pain does pay off!”

CBS: How has your life changed since winning The Biggest Loser?

AV: “I think the way my life has changed the most is that I am actively present again. I didn’t realize how disconnected I was in my adult life. It was just a little bit by a little bit and with that came a little bit of weight and a little bit of weight. It’s all about staying present. Every time I feel very sore after a half marathon or some other activity, I say to myself, ‘At least I feel it!’ Before, I always thought to myself, ‘I don’t think these abs exist anymore…are you sure they’re in there?!’ [laughs] It’s all about living every moment as much as I can. I definitely also have my off-days.”

Pregnant & Dating star Melissa Meister also chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop on the red carpet about her experience in being a first-time mom. She also shared her greatest tip for living a healthy, balanced life with a new baby.

CBS: You’re a first-time mom. What is your favorite part about being a mom?

MM: “My favorite part is every time my son looks at me in the eyes. It gives me a big smile and makes the lack of sleep and the struggles of taking care of a baby by myself all worth it.”

CBS: What was your favorite part about being on Pregnant & Dating?

MM: “It was exciting and was a natural progression of what I’ve been doing my entire life. I got to document my pregnancy, which was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.”

CBS: What other upcoming projects do you have?

MM: “I have an online show called ‘POPdrop TV,’ where I go around and drop in on people who are big in pop culture. I want to continue with that, and hopefully there will be something else with WE tv after we finish the series in two weeks.”

CBS: What is your greatest tip for living a balanced life with a new baby?

MM: “That right there is the key word: balance. I have to have a structure, but I also have to have fun and be able to blur the lines at times so I can keep myself sane.”

Also in attendance at the launch celebration was Hollywood Exes star Daphne Wayans. She chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about what she and her five children like to do for fun. She also revealed whether or not she believes women can really “have it all!”

CBS: What bonding activities do you like to do with your family?

DW: “They are all on summer break right now, and one of my kids is here with me today! Before coming here, we all cooked together and made a yummy four-cheese mac n’ cheese. I had to run out to be here, so I was giving them all directions and being ‘super mommy.’ I put my cape on and said, ‘Here’s what you do for the recipe! Do this!’ [laughs]

We all just like being together, laughing together, and helping each other. In the summer, we really take advantage of being in L.A. We have this tradition of going to the beach every week with our friends. We plan with our friends to go to the same beach on the the same day, and we all go to this private section of the beach and enjoy hanging out together.”

CBS: Do you think that women can really ‘have it all,’ or is that unattainable?

DW: “I think that it depends on what your ‘all’ is. It all begins with a thought and an annoyingness that only you know. Sometimes that thing gets caught up in life, but it’s already mapped out in your mind. Step by step, you really start to see it and little by little it happens. These times, anything is possible. I don’t want to rule out anything.”

CBS: What are your upcoming projects?

DW: “I have Hollywood Exes, which airs on Sundays. I am also writing some books about fitness and food. I have five children, and I’ve never given them any kind of medicine and I don’t even know the names of medicine. I really had to know about food, and I also breastfed them for a hundred years and fed them from my body. Food is a big part of it. I was really young when I had my childen, and I had this inner knowledge that I had to connect to something simple, even primal.”

The celebration featured an exclusive screening of the premiere episode of Live Big With Ali Vincent, as well as low calorie food fare from Chef Marius Blin of Estérel Restaurant. All of the celeb guests also enjoyed tasty beverages by VEEV Vita Frute and Champagne Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut.

To watch Live Big With Ali Vincent, tune into ABC’s Live Well Network on Saturdays at 5:30p/4:30c.

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