Nancy O’Dell’s Summer Soiree With Friends

To celebrate the summer, Good Carma Studio organized a Sunday brunch at the Los Angeles home of Entertainment Tonight‘s Nancy O’Dell. With some of her friends in attendance – including Vivica Fox, Shaun Robinson, Thea Andrews and Holly Robinson Peete – Nancy called on Kristin Alber of Kristin Alber Designs/Restyle Source to style the event.

Hosted by USANA, guests noshed on cupcakes from Sweet Arleen’s and left with gifts from Babbabox, Funkins and Mabel’s Labels. Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Nancy and asked about summer plans with her kids: daughter Ashby, 6, and her stepsons Tyler and Carson. Nancy goes on to talk about her friend Halle Berry‘s joyous pregnancy and being on royal baby bump watch. 

CBS: What are some of your summer plans with the family?

NO: “We have a couple of trips planned for this summer. We are heading to Maui and the Kea Lani Hotel — we love their family bungalows right on the beach. And we are also going to go to Mexico — the kids haven’t been there yet. We are either going to the Rosewood Mayakoba in Cancun or the Four Seasons in Punta Mita. Both are crazy gorgeous resorts.

And when we are home, we love to spend a ton of time in the pool during the summer months. We play the old school pool games like Marco Polo and have just a blast.”

CBS: Are you on royal baby watch?

NO: “Absolutely! Every day at Entertainment Tonight, we start preparing a story on the baby’s arrival in case that day is the day. I feel like I’m ‘pregnant’ with all the information I know about the impending birth! But it does feels as if Kate has been carrying this baby forever, doesn’t it? So I am sure she is more ready than anyone.”

CBS: Are you excited about the royal baby?

NO: “I think the arrival of the royal baby will be more fun to report on than even the wedding! I love me some babies [laughs]. I can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. And I’m looking forward to the royal couple presenting the baby to the world like when Diana and Prince Charles showed off William in 1982. It feels like a Lion King moment [laughs]. I’m sure I will be humming The Circle of Life.”

CBS: Are you excited about your friend, Halle Berry‘s pregnancy? Does it make we want to try for another?

NO: “I am excited for anyone having a baby because I think children are the biggest blessing in the world. There is just no other love like the love for your child. And the thing that so many people forget is that celebrities are human and have those same overwhelming feelings of joy. So for that reason, I am elated for Halle. And I have always felt that I am a better mother having had my daughter later in life than is typical.

As far as trying for another, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be. My husband and I are not doing anything to stop it from happening and we certainly enjoy practicing [laughs].”

CBS: You are so crafty! What are some of your favorite DIY summer projects?

NO: “One of my favorite things I like to do with my daughter is to create and write our own stories together. We plan on doing a lot of them this summer. It is a great way for kids to learn and we have a ton of fun doing it together.

For example, she and I have decided one of the stories we are going to write together will be about an animal family road-tripping across the United States in a camper. So she will organically learn about the states. We draw pictures to go with our stories, so she will learn where the states are too.

And I am a huge memory keeper (I probably have 100 scrapbooks/photo albums), so then I have a great little book we did together as a keepsake of our fun summer project. The stories that come from her imagination are so adorable! In fact, I credit my daughter with helping me come up with the concept for my kids’ educational App I created about an animated little girl reporter who travels with her FUNtastic crew learning all about he world by covering fun stories. One of her next assignments is to go to the White House. Check it out at In fact, the App is named after my daughter. When I asked her what I should name the little animated reporter and she replied, ‘Why, of course, Ashby!’ “

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