Isla Fisher’s Coffee Bean Cuties

Wedding Crashers star Isla Fisher and her daughters Olive, 5, and Elula, 3, were seen in Studio City, Calif. on Wednesday (August 14). Sporting leggings and a hoodie, The Great Gatsby actress, 37, stepped out for drinks with her girls at Coffee Bean.

Last month, we spotted the trio shopping for toys in Los Angeles.

”I gained 65 pounds with my first baby and 70 with my second,” Isla recently revealed. “I had severe morning sickness both times, so I mostly ate supersize bowls of white pasta with loads of butter and cheese because that was the only thing that took away the nausea.”

“I had to shoot Confessions of a Shopaholic about three months after I gave birth to Olive, so the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, hired a trainer to work with me three times a week,” Isla added. “That was both inspirational and terrifying because I didn’t want to let the trainer down. After I had my second daughter, I slowly lost the weight by breast-feeding, hiking [L.A.’s] Runyon Canyon and working with a trainer every couple of weeks.”

The girls’ father is Isla’s husband, Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen.


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  1. Isla talks out of both sides of her mouth. She didn’t want to let the trainer down? When COAS first came out she bragged about eating sweets behind the trainer’s back. Some publicist probably told her that her fan base wanted to hear more humility.


    Both girls are pretty tall for their age. Both very cute. I see a lot of Sacha in both of them.

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