Camila Alves On Her New MUXO Handbags, Life With The Paparazzi

Model mom Camila Alves has sure been keeping busy! The mom-of-three, to daughter Vida, 3, and sons Levi, 5, and Livingston, 8 months, designed new collections for her MUXO handbag line, launching on QVC this Friday, September 13th at 7 p.m. EST.

Camila opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her new MUXO handbags, how hubby Matthew McConaughey is a very “hands-on” dad, and whether the paparazzi drive her crazy. The Brazilian beauty also reveals that her older kids are “the best of friends” and Livingston is a “very mellow” baby who “knows what he wants and when he wants it!”

CBS: Tell us about your new collections for your handbag line MUXO, launching on QVC this Friday. What inspired the new designs?

CA: “Yes, I am very excited to go on-air on QVC this Friday at 7 p.m. My mom and I designed everything together. For this collection, we really took our time to listen to what the customers told us they loved. We wanted to give them more of what they’re looking for, so the collection is really focused on the customer. We made sure the handbags are the right weight and the best quality of leather, and we focused on intricate details like how the bag fits. A lot of people think that a bag is just put on and good to go, but we know the bag has to fit fight so it can be utilized the right way.

The designs are very versatile, because I always try to make my styles so you can wear them from night to day, and also have different ways of wearing them. I have small bags that you can wear as a clutch, as a wristlet, on your arm, or as a cross-body bag. For a lot of the bags, I tried to figure out how we could make them as multi-functional as possible. The designs come from all of my travels around the United States, which makes it a very ‘American’ bag collection.

Also, it was very important for me to try to include all different kinds of women. In designing the collection, it was very important to me that we cover all bases and try to create designs for women of all ages and senses of style. I feel that all women should be able to watch the handbags and I on-air and find something they love. You can also check out the bags online on QVC before and after the show.“

CBS: Do your kids like your handbags? Do your kids show a flair for fashion?

CA: “My kids love the handbags! My daughter is very into the collection and shows a flair for fashion. She really enjoys fashion, but I think my son kind of grew out of it. My daughter likes creating new things and planning fashionable outfits on her own.” 

CBS: Congratulations on baby Livingston! What kind of baby is he? Is he the ‘easiest’ baby yet?

CA: “Livingston is a great baby; he’s very mellow, but he knows what he wants and when he wants it. If he wants something, I can’t try to give him something else because it’s not going to happen. [laughs] Livingston is a very strong little boy, but I think he is a very good baby. I don’t think he is my ‘easiest’ baby yet, because Levi was my easiest.” 

CBS: How are your older children doing? Is Levi in kindergarten this year? If so, how is that going? Is Vida in preschool? If so, how is that going?

CA: “My older children are doing great, and they’re best friends. No, Levi is not going to be in Kindergarten this year, but Vida is in preschool. They are both going to school; we are just now finding Levi a Kindergarten in the area.” 

CBS: Do your kids get along well? Are they best of friends? What kinds of things are they into these days? 

CA: “Yes, they are the best of friends. We do a lot of outdoor activities. We were in Calgary last month living in a trailer on-location, and all we did was stay outside, explore, and use our imagination while going to rivers. We collected rocks and time learning about animals and bugs. I never saw so many bugs collected in my life! [laughs] They are really outdoor kids for sure.” 

CBS: Is it hard to raise a family in Hollywood? Do the paparazzi drive you crazy? Is that why you moved to Texas?

CA: “No, the paparazzi didn’t drive me crazy; it comes with the package of what we do. They are going to be there and get their shots, and they’re not going anywhere for a long time, unless we do pass the law where they are not allowed to take pictures of the kids. That doesn’t mean they are going to be gone; they will still be there, but they just won’t be able to take pictures of the kids. It’s part of the deal, so the way I like to look at it is that they are not going to ruin me. They are going to be there and are going to do what they are going to do. If I stop doing the things I want to do and stop taking my kids to do what they want to do, then who is ruining who, right?

The paparazzi was not the reason why we moved at all. However, after we did move we realized how much more relaxed we were, being in an environment where the paparazzi were not outside our door every day. They weren’t the reason why we moved in any shape or form, but after we did move to Texas, we realized how much more relaxing it is to not have people watch you all the time.

The thing about the paparazzi is that some places are harder to be around them than others. In our old place, they were outside the house all the time. If I was having a bad day or something happened that I knew they couldn’t document, something that I didn’t want to share with the world, I had to stop my car, go to them, and say, ‘Not today, you need to back off.’ A lot of the time, they respectfully do leave and not bug me. It’s how we handle them that judges whether we get the respect back.” 

CBS: What kind of dad is Matthew? Does he love having a big brood? Would he like more kids? Would you like more kids?

CA: “Matthew is a great, hands-on dad who’s very present. We are on the road with him while he’s working, and he’s very present and hands-on all the time. In regard to whether he would like more kids, you would have to ask him. I just had my third child in less than five years, so I am okay for a minute.” [laughs]


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