Top Five Must-Haves To Welcome Baby

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Beverly Mills, head of infant merchandise at zulily, the leading daily deals site for moms, babies and kids, knows a thing or two about baby necessities. Beverly is always on the lookout for what’s charming and sweet for the newest little one in your life, and she knows firsthand that there are many things for baby out there. So many, that it can sometimes be overwhelming for new moms. She’s narrowed down the top must-haves for preparing for bringing a new baby home. Here’s what her and her team put together.

Car Seats

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You can’t leave the hospital without a car seat, and you want to pick one that’s sturdy and comfortable. We especially love this one from the Italian brand Peg Pérego, because it meets and exceeds the most stringent side-impact protection test in the world.



As anyone who knows a newborn can tell you, babies go through a lot of bodysuits. We recommend having as many as possible so you don’t have to do the laundry every day. This one by Initial Request is just too cute and we love that it can be personalized. After you’ve spent so much time picking out a name, you want to be sure everyone knows what it is!

Layette Sets

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When you don’t have time to match outfits, layette sets are always there to save the day. This pick by Petunia Pickle Bottom is made out of the softest organic cotton and it’ll be adorable in pictures!



For a baby, blankets are all about softness and warmth—at first. But as they get older, blankets also double as makeshift capes, tents and more! That’s why we’re happy about featuring Little Giraffe. Their blankets are made in the USA, loved by celebrities, and so well-made, that each blanket will be loved for years.



Last of all, make sure you have a good way to carry baby around. Slings and carriers are more convenient than strollers and make fantastic alternatives when you’re going to crowded places like the farmers market. Experts say wearing these can soothe a fussy baby as well as promote bonding. Both are good things in our book! Slinglings have a padded feel and the support that allows your little one to sit in a number of different positions.

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