Anna Paquin’s Bundled Up Babies

True Blood star Anna Paquin stepped out with her 1-year-old twins Charlie and Poppy in New York City on Wednesday (October 30). Bundled up for the chilly Big Apple weather, the doting mama pushed her tots in the stroller through the East Village.

“I think Anna’s very excited about them walking and I’m like, ‘Just wait — our lives are over once that happens!’” the twins’ father, True Blood costar Stephen Moyer, recently told PEOPLE.

After their premature birth, the actor says he’s thrilled to see them thriving after a difficult arrival.

“It’s just all so amazing — they had a tough start,” Stephen shared. “They were early and it was touch and go there for a while and so anything is amazing. Spitting up the first solid food is just fantastic!”

“It does consume your every thought, and sometimes you cope with it really well and sometimes you don’t,” he said of worrying about their development. “Sometimes you’re desperately terrified and other [times] you’re so tired you can’t think of anything, so you just get through it like everybody does.”

Meanwhile, after six seasons of True Blood, the star couple are getting ready for the upcoming final season.

“[It’s] given the writers and the show runners an opportunity to finish, and we’ve never done that before: we’ve never finished and then started again,” he said. “I don’t know what the plans are, but I know that by having that end in sight they can work towards something.”

As for their future projects, he said: “We’ve been offered a few things that would’ve been fun, but we decided not to do anything like that until True Blood was over. We didn’t want to bombard the audience with us, you know, naked or otherwise.”

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