Kim Kardashian’s Smiling Nori

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian went shopping with their daughters North and Penelope in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday (December 16).

Also on that day Kim shared a photo via Instagram of “Nori” looking adorable bundled up in a white sweater. The caption read: “Smile.”

The snapshot was taken by Kendall Jenner who tweeted: “Photo creds to meee.”

Earlier on – Kim held a fan Q&A on Mobio Insider and gave out advice.

She said, “never lose time for u. go to the gym, get a facial, or manicure to feel goo[d] so u can go home and be a good happy mom at home.”

She also answered a question to fan who asked what it’s like to have cameras surrounding her all the time.

 “[when I] was pregnant it was hard. my face shapped changed my body changed and nothing in the tabloids were going to be nice. it was a negative time.”

She also said her pregnancy craving was, “mostly cheese, chilli cheese fries, everything w cheese.”

Regarding Nori’s schooling – the reality star shared, “she will for sure go to school, we just need to do our research.”

With supporters come the haters. Earlier this month Kim got in a Twitter feud with  someone who wrote a snarky message saying it was nice that Nori “got to see her parents for a change!”

US Weekly reported Kim wrote: “[You] sound so ignorant. Bc I don’t tweet or instagram my every move w my daughter means I am not with her 247? We share what we want Or is it bc I go support my fiance at every show & I post pix? When the baby goes down 4 bed or a nap, parents are allowed 2 work & support each other.”

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