Madonna Defends Controversial Photo Of Son

Has the Material Mom gone too far?

Over the weekend, pop superstar Madonna took to Instagram to share photos of her family’s holiday in Gstaad, Switzerland. Among the snapshots of ski slopes and smiling kids was a photo of the singer’s 13-year-old son, Rocco, holding a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin. Joined by two friends with bottles of Belvedere Vodka, the 55-year-old singer captioned the image: “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014.”

Some followers were not amused by the pic, arguing that Madonna is condoning underage drinking.

“Booz [sic] is not something to make jokes about. Period!” one fan argued. “Madonna still doing anything for attention. …good or bad. What a shame,” added another naysayer.

Others were quick to defend the Material Girl. “Guys – calm the f#ck down!!! They are just holding the bottles…I took a pic of my then 2 year old niece with a wine bottle in her hands..posted it on facebook…everybody found it funny & NO ONE reacted like some of you guys did!!!”

Another fan wrote: “Let Madonna do as she pleases with her children you be concerned about yours. Raise your kids not hers she is not your kids mother!”

The Addicted singer herself caught wind of the online scandal and wrote: “No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor!” she wrote via Instagram. “Don’t start the year off with judgement!”

Madonna is also mom to daughters Lourdes, 17 and Mercy, 8, and 8-year-old son David.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree people need to calm down. I have pic of me as a kid with a beer bottle in my mouth. There are pics of my brother too w unlit cigarettes in our mouth. Kids think its funny. Just now a days everything goes viral so people cant kid around as much without it being controversial.

    • Like the other poster said their are red face and bleary eyed, which poses the question was he really NOT drink.

      It’s one think if he post the pictures it’s another thing when his MOTHER post them thinking it cute.

    • Rocco’s Instagram has photos of him actually drinking days before, and Madonna’s photo now looks tame in comparison. Rocco’s other photos show someone who already knows how to party hard at a young age.

      So do you still think people need to calm down?

      • I think that unless you’ve run his BAC, you should shut up and stop presuming that you know something… all based on a photo.

  2. If they weren’t drinking then why did Rocco post another pic titled “wasted” where he looked red faced and bleary eyed?

  3. I don’t know why, but I just don’t find children posing with alcohol funny. Whatever the age! Im sure if they had a spliff in their hand people would be quicker to complain yet its all the same to me.
    The commenters who say “worry about how you raise your own children not other peoples”, are stupid, everyone knows children, especially teenagers are more influenced by their peers and people in the public eye. So in turn these pics do affect other peoples children. Not to mention what kind of human beings are we that we don’t worry about other people and whether they may be in danger, turning a blind eye to things is how society got into some of the messes its in.

  4. Booze isn’t really in with kids this age. They much prefer a toke of the ganja. I hope that’s not the case here though as kids this age don’t need to be indulging in that either. Get a case of cokes and some chips, video games, and that’s all they need.

  5. Yes, I am sure Madonna allowed her 13 year old son to get wasted then decided hey let me post this all over the internet. She doesn’t even let the kids watch television. Highly doubt she’s sitting around letting them drink booze!
    Pictures can be so altered today so you can’t go by what you see. I can take a pic of myself and use one of my apps to make myself look high/drunk too! Just saying. Not a huge fan of Madonna but even as crazy as she is I would find it hard to believe she gave her 13 yr old permission to get trashed.

    • “She doesn’t even let the kids watch television” but her daughter was seen smoking obviously she dosen’t know what her kids are really up to.

      All I hear are you coming up with excuse of why these pictures are ok.

      • Do you know how many young people who l grew up with that started smoking at 12 or 13?? Is it right? No way! But again what is it to anyone else? Unless Madonna or her kid are shoving a cigarette down your kids throat its really not the publics business. She obviously didnt condone it as she spoke out about it. But if thats what she lets her kid do, whether right or wrong, its her kid not anyone elses.

    • ET this weekends was showing Celebrity kids on social media. They were showing them posing in skimpy clothing..and I was surprised to see 13yr Rocco was posting videos of himself walking on a tight rope and jumping off houses ect….

      Do you believe these videos he took where fact also? She may not let them watch TV but her kids are doing some dangerous things, with or without permission.

      • Oh l am sure her kids ARE doing things behind her back. Just like MOST kids do. I am defending this photo that she posted. Nobody can prove he was actually trashed unless they physically were there. Again, l doubt she would let her kid drink and publicly defend it like its okay. However could he be drinking behind her back? Perhaps so.

  6. If her kids drinking its a problem. If its just an innocent fun photograph then its nobodys business. There are more bigger issues in the world then teenage boys pretending to party in a photograph. And l just saw the other pics of Rocco l dont see these red eyes everyone can see. Nobody can prove they were drinking so get over it. And l bet most of the people acting like this is horrible are hypocrites who drank underage! Worry about what your own kids are doing behind your backs or what things they secretly post on facebook that you prob are blind to!

  7. All l am implying is just bc he was photographed w a bottle of liqour doesnt mean he was actually consuming it. She defended the pic. People will believe or say as they wish. At the end of the day its still her kid. People are making it their business.

  8. What a thoughtless idiot. If I was the mother of either of those other boys I would be furious. Madonna is in the public eye. It’s one thing to make stupid decisions for your own child! She should be ashamed of herself.

  9. Well it is Madonna’s son, and as much as I like her, did you really expect anything else? He’s gonna be one rebellious and interesting kid.

  10. Madonna is not stupid. She obviously knew that picture would cause the riot that is causing. She’s the queen of attention/controversy seekers. Calm down? I don’t need to calm down, no one is freaking out here. I don’t care if the kid is drinking or not, it’s her kid. But that picture DOES send the wrong message drinking or not.

    So much alcoholism starts at a very young age that i don’t find that picture funny. Why couldn’t she show her sense of humor in a healthier way? Yeah, i know, it’s boring. I get it.

  11. I guess it is meant as a fun photo just like she said, but of course people are going to judge one way or another so Madonna telling people not be so judgmental is a bit naive if she put it up for viewing then it is going to be judged. I feel if this was a real drinking under age situation the friends parents would have something to say to Madonna so I think it is what she said, just a bit of fun photo. Shouldn’t use children for publicity though.

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