Jennifer Lopez: Max’s Note “Made My Whole Life”

Jennifer Lopez appeared on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show with fellow American Idol judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban when she shared a story about the note 5-year-old Max wrote for her.

She said, “It just made my whole life” – adding, “It says, ‘I’ll luv you beyond forever Mom. I’ll cry right now! Stop it! Oh my God.”

“Beyond forever. That’s the line, that’s it. You know, I came home, and it was on my bed and then I opened it and just left it there…[It was] in a big manila envelope, a yellow envelope, and it said, ‘To: Mom, From: Max.’ And I opened it, and I was like, ‘Oh my God.'”

DeGeneres then said, “He’s a poet!”

Lopez replied, “He’s a genius Come on, let’s be honest.”

US Weekly reports Harry said, “That’s amazing. I get notes from my kids, but it’s like, ‘I’ll love you as long as you want if you give me a hundred dollars. All this ‘beyond forever’ stuff — you live in some kind of fantasy world, Jennifer Lopez!”

“My son, that’s the love of my life right there,” she gushed in response.

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