Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall Welcome First Child

Prince George has a palace playmate!

Congratulations are in order for Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall. The eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, 32, and her rugby player husband, 35, have welcomed a daughter at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

“The baby’s name will be confirmed in due course,” Buckingham Palace announced in a statement. “The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Princess Royal, Captain Mark Phillips and Mike’s parents are delighted with the news.”

The baby girl, who is Queen Elizabeth II’s fourth great grandchild and the 16th in line to the throne, weighed in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces.

Zara, an Olympic equestrian, is the daughter of Princess Royal Anne and first husband Captain Phillips. She is the cousin of Princes William and Harry.


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  1. Why do we have to see Andrew’s kids , when Zara. And Mike can come out to these
    Events .. Not a lot of people have heard of Zara! Or Prince Edward. It is refreshing
    Seeing Princess Anne’s yes Queen Elizabeth daughter! It is nice to see Zara out

    • HUH??!!! Not sure what you’re trying to say.

      Anyway, I think hat it’s UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and DISGUSTING that monarchies and “royals” STILL exist, thrive and continue to prosper in (so called) civilized nations…….. in this day and age.
      Why should the descendants of former monarchs and their paramours who raped, pillaged, subjugated, bullied, crushed, slaughtered and taxed their subjects to near starvation, continue to live in the “LAP OF LUXURY”, whilst lauding their GREAT fortune and life of leisure over the common man/woman?!

      France did away with their scurrilous monarchal regime hundreds of years ago! And they’ve done just fine. I can’t believe that other nations still tolerate and admire these people.

      Okay, I’ll hush up now.

      • Good heavens! These people are far from the throne. Can’t you just be happy for their new arrival rather than getting on a soap box and trashing their relatives?!

        • They receive financial support from the taxes paid by the citizens of their country. How on earth do you even rationalize that in 2014??

  2. No they the tax payers do not pay for anything she the Queen has over billions of
    Her own money! Why do yup think that the taxers pay for it. . ? How stupid
    Get a British education , Why do the US need a black president! Who probably
    Pays his friends from the hood in Chicago! So grow up! If anything , why do
    UPI think millions of Brits lof the Monachary!

    • you’re a racist idiot, so i’ll make this short. your comment SCREAMS *stockholm syndrome* and the queen is barely worth $400 million (basically, she’s dirt poor). oh, and here’s a fun little fact for you, beyonce and jay-z are worth at least $800 million (combined net-worth). now sit the f-down.

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