Hugh Grant Welcomes Baby No. 3

Congratulations are in order for Hugh Grant.

The Love Actually actor, 53, and Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein welcomed a son in September 2012, The Sun reports. The baby’s arrival was just three months before the birth of Hugh’s second child with Tinglan Hong — son Felix.

A copy of a birth certificate states that the child was born in London. His first name is not listed, but his surname is “Grant,” and the actor’s full name, Hugh John Mungo Grant, is listed as the father on the document.

As such, Eberstein was pregnant at the same time as Tinglan Hong, the mother of Felix. There’s no word on the status of Grant’s current relationship with either woman.

Hong and Grant welcomed daughter Tabitha Xaoi Xi Hong Grant in September 2011. And while the affair was described as “fleeting,” the couple welcomed son Felix more than a year later.

“I can’t pretend like it wasn’t a surprise, but it’s a very nice surprise,” Grant said after welcoming his first child. “In fact, the baby’s name in Chinese means ‘happy surprise.’ It is quite life changing, I recommend it.”

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  1. Seriously?? He needs a lesson in birth control. And a lesson in ego. And the women need a lesson on how child support works.

  2. Well that’s kinda gross and sad! It goes both ways though, you know he’s impregnated one girl 3 months earlier then keep your legs shut or use some birth control. But hey accidents happen…eww either way though!

  3. WOW

    His 3rd lovechild in less than 2 years. Gross. Learn to keep it in your pants dude before you go totally broke with all those baby mamas.

  4. Two with one woman – so second one obviously planned, if not the first. He bought her a house. So seems llike after the first baby, they agreed to have a family together, if not a relationship. Then he meets this other woman, who he doesha e a relationship with. They both live in houses he bought. So it seems he decided to have kids in his own unconventional way. Why not? At least he’s being honest, instead of marrying some poor girl, having kids, then leaving her high and dry for someone younger, like plenty of other men do every day of the week

  5. I somehow have a feeling Hugh Grant is not going to be a very ‘hands on’ Dad, or even a ‘I see my dad more than once a week/month’ dad.

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