Candace Cameron Bure Enjoys Girls’ Night In

Good Carma Studio hosted Full House actress and Balancing It All author, Candace Cameron Bure, and some of her BFFs – including Beverley Mitchell and former costar Andrea Barber – to a girls’ night in at her L.A. based home on Saturday (February 8). The gals dined on Paleta’s avocado wraps, mini burgers and quinoa citrus salad.

Candace served her ladies wine from her own label, Bure Family Wines, and enjoyed a wine bottle cupcake cake from Polkatots.

Continue reading more details about the fun evening and Celebrity Baby Scoop’s exclusive interview with Candace…

The mom-of-three and her friends were treated to massages by the manly Handz while listening to Candace’s party playlist and talked for hours.

The ladies took home Nutrimeal Shakes and vitamin D from USANA, Mabel’s Labels’ NEW Write Away Labels, LL Bean Totes, Net Nanny online protection software, and more.

Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with the actress – who is mom to 15-year-old daughter Natasha and sons Lev, nearly 14, and Maks, 12 with husband Valeri Bure – about her thoughts on love and marriage, the Olympics, and more.

CBS: You got a lot of attention for your recent “submissive” marriage comment. Why do you think the public reacted so strongly?

CCB: “The word ‘submissive’ itself has several connotations and can evoke strong, negative feelings if not understood in its proper context. My use of the word is not one of those definitions. It is simply meekness. I think it’s safe to say that in general, people don’t like being told what to do, so hearing this word makes the hair stand up on their necks. Yet, we submit to authority every single day through our government, laws, boss, and parents, etc.

But guess what… this is our marriage, not anyone else’s. Val and I have a 17-year long marriage with joy, love and respect for one another.”

CBS: Why do you think the divorce rates are so high? What do you think is missing in many marriages?

CCB: “I think people are fed the lie that life is all about our own personal happiness and fulfillment, and when a spouse fails to meet that expectation for the other, marriages fail. I believe the key is to look beyond ourselves and look at what you can contribute to building up your spouse into the man or woman they were created to be.”

CBS: Tell us more about your book Balancing It All. What is it all about?

CCB: “Balancing It All is my life journey — taking you through my early years as a child actor, school, dating, marriage, motherhood and being a successful working woman to date, pulling out key moments that have helped me juggle each season of life.

I share my struggles and successes, what’s worked and what hasn’t, hoping to inspire each woman to take a deep breath in their current circumstance and realize balance looks different for each of us. But, when we trade secrets and support one another in our walk of life, we’ll feel good that investing in what’s right in each of our own lives is how we balance it all.”

CBS: With your hubby being a former hockey star, we assume you’ll be watching the Winter Olympics? What are your thoughts on the controversy in Sochi, regarding the anti-gay laws?

CCB: “Of course we’ll be watching! My hubby is a 2-time Olympic medalist playing for team Russia in ’98 and ’02. Many countries don’t have the same freedoms the United States has, and while these are very important issues, we hate to see it detract from the Olympic Games themselves.

These athletes from all over the world have trained their whole lives for this moment and we choose to focus our attention during this short time on their amazing accomplishments and opportunity to represent their country proudly and earn an Olympic medal.”

CBS: How are your kids doing? What are they into these days?

CCB: “The kids are great! Natasha is getting her driver’s permit in two weeks. YIKES! She’s singing and learning to play piano. I’m finally going to live my dream of being a professional singer through my daughter [laughs]. Let’s hope I don’t turn into a reality show stage mom! My boys are playing hockey and still have their eyes set on the NHL.”


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