Meagan Camper & Bronx: Shopping Pair

Pete Wentz’s pregnant girlfriend Meagan Camper took Bronx, 5, out grocery shopping at Gelson’s Market in Studio City, Calif. on Saturday (February 22).

The Fall Out Boy bassist recently announced her pregnancy via Instagram writing, “We’re super excited to announce we’re expecting a baby.”

Wentz recently told Larry King that being a dad is “the best happy pill there is.”

He also told the host that he won’t let Bronx get a tattoo at fifteen even though he did it at that age.

He explained, “One of the best things you can do for your kids is to explain to them that the things you went through probably wouldn’t have happened if you made different choices.”


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    • LOL, I missed the headline at first, thought that was Ashlee, and wondered if she was pregnant too and just hadn’t said anything yet.

  1. i’m sure he’s very sweet but that little boy ALWAYS looks so sloppy and unattractive and out of it.. at least they cut his hair?!

  2. I think Bronx looks clean and neat in these pictures. He looks sloppily dressed? Dressed like a typical little boy, his clothes match, they look clean. At least that’s what I see.

  3. Wow! When I first saw that pic scrolling down and didn’t read the headline I thought it was Ashlee Simpson and SHE was pregnant! Lol. And Bronx since they cut his hair you can definitely see a big resemblance to Pete now.

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