Rachel Campos-Duffy Expecting Baby No. 7

Rachel Campos-Duffy showed off her baby bump while co-hosting The View on Wednesday (March 5). Before she went on air she tweeted a photo with her husband Sean Duffy backstage. The congressman was also a guest on the show. The couple are expecting their seventh child.

She wrote: “Kiss and run! Going on @theviewtv in a few minutes! @LIBREinitiative”

During The View Rachel – six months pregnant – also stood up and posed for the ladies.

The Duffys originally made the announcement on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in December, where they were promoting Rachel’s new book, Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At Home Motherhood.

She joked, “We’re the most fertile reality TV couple.”

Sean – a representative for Wisconsin’s Seventh District – had stated at the time, “Our family is also very much looking forward to the arrival of the newest addition to our Duffy clan.”

The couple met on MTV’s Road Rules All Stars in 1998. Rachel was also on The Real World: San Francisco while Sean appeared on The Real World: Boston.

The new arrival will join siblings Evita Pilar, 14, Xavier Jack, 12, Lucia-Belen, 9, John-Paul, 7, Paloma Pilar, 5, and MariaVictoria Margarita, 3.


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  1. But they were barely scraping by on his 100,000 dollar plus a year salary when they has six kids, how are they going to manage seven?!? Ugh!

  2. Who cares how many kids they have… As long as they are taking care of them… I love when people think it’s their business to comment on family size… At least they aren’t living off the system!!! Good for them! That’s gotta be a crazy house for sure! 🙂

      • who cares who pays it… at least he earns it and does not just expect it. I have always liked this couple.
        FYI, for you younger posters, People from Real World back in the day were not the waste of space most of the new reality shows casts are. (just one person’s opinion)

  3. wait, so they have a reality show about their home life? but she’s touting a book about the key to being a happy sahm? i mean, i guess i would be happy not have a real job too, if i got paid NOT to have one…… jeez!

  4. and why are wisconsin voters voting for someone who was a contestant on the real world?! is the bar really that low in wisconsin??

  5. She needs to stay home with her kids and off tv shows if she is going to promote Sara Palin’s. Who cares about Sara, she LOST move on, I am NOT interested in hearing about Sara, she is old news. Rachael just STOP.

  6. Why are you people being so cruel? They have a beautiful family. The children are loved. Who cares how many children they have. Are any of you feeding them? They re Republicans and that is what pisses you off. Well shocker we are everywhere. Get. Damn life nd seriously mind your own business. Rachel and Sean you have a beautiful family. When your family grows your blessings multiply.

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