Sofia Coppola & Daughters: City Gals

Sofia Coppola and her daughters Romy, 7, and Cosima, 3, were seen walking to school in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday (March 5).

It was reported this week that the director has made up with Cameron Diaz. The feud started ten years ago when Coppola directed Lost In Translation.

It was thought that Anna Faris’ dizzy character was based on Diaz. Supposedly Diaz flirted with Coppola’s then husband Spike Jonze.

A source told Radar Online, “Sofia and Cameron have had an incredibly difficult relationship since 1999, the year Sofia married Spike. It only got worse when the film came out and it became pretty well-known that part of the movie was based on their real-life feud.”

Coppola has insisted that Diaz wasn’t her muse, telling the Daily Beast, ”The actress was based on a bunch of people, just that type. I could probably name eight people that she was based on, just that bubbly, extroverted blonde that you see on talk shows…It wasn’t a slight at anyone in particular.

She is now married to rocker Thomas Mars of Phoenix.

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