Connor Cruise: Solo In Sydney

Connor Cruise was seen out in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (March 9). The 19-year-old was in the country to DJ for the Good Life Festival.

Besides sharing photos via Instagram during his trip he tweeted last week, “Just landed in Australia, rolling solo on this trip #NomadLife #Australia #SecondHome.”

Rumors have continued on that Connor and his 21-year-old sister Isabella have been prevented to see mom Nicole Kidman because of Scientology.

Kidman has been vague on the religion but did say in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “I utterly respect their beliefs.”

She also said to E! News, “Everybody has their own path and when they find their path it’s such a relief as a parent.”


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    • Yeah. He has gained, and Bella finally lost. He’ll get it together soon enough. He just needs to tap into to the self discipline he (biologically) inherited from his (biological) dad Tom Cruise.

      • I just google her and she looks great and happy.

        @ Minfhefe

        No one said he needs to go on a diet so I don’t know where you got that from. He 19 not 3 so it’s not “all baby fat” and up until now he was very fit.

  1. Is Nicole in Australia these days ? If there is no scientology minion to follow him around, perhaps she would have a chance to see her son.
    There is still hope though, he aknowledges the fact that Australia is his second home, which may be a way to talk about his mom.
    And please, he doesn’t need to be on a diet. He is 19, it’s still all baby fat, he has time to lose weight.

  2. Uh Tom and Nicole dissolved their marriage it was her choice to leave them with Tom
    Who put them in scientology school.. She made the choice not to disturb their religion.
    And not see them so shut up a lot of people don’t want to see their kids after the
    Divorce soon as when Tom married Katie and had Suri they put the older children
    On the back ground holding Suri’s stuff and Nicole had 2 daughters bio hers with
    Keith Urban. Thing is it is no ones business who Sees their Kids! Q

    • Yikes! PUNCTUATION please! And I agree that Nicole CHOSE to leave the kids with Tom, and Katie CHOSE to take her daughter with her.

      Same husband, same choice, different wives, VERY DIFFERENT DESCISIONS! We all have our priorities.

      • Read up on Scientology. When someone has been divorced from a member, that person is totally ostracized and prevented from being with the family, children especially. Tom KEPT the children in Scientology training with his sister, when Nicole wanted to put them in ‘normal’ schools. She gets the bum rap when it was TOM who stole the kids from her! That’s why Katie divorced Tom, so Suri wouldn’t be forced to be a Scientologist. Tom even admitted to her charges in a court case recently.

        • I’m not judging Nicole because I wasn’t in her shoes and do not know the circumstances under which she made her decision concerning her children; but I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that if anyone – even a famous, powerful-hollywood superstar husband – would not be able to take my children permanently away from me without having to face an all-out, no-holds-barred, very public battle. Maybe Nicole waged her battle privately and we don’t know about it but I have always wondered about her docile, almost defeatist front concerning these kids. It all seems so very sad to me.

        • I agree with your comment. It seems like Kate Holmes learned from what happened to Nicole Kidman and that is why she has her child and Nicole had to leave them behind.. 🙂

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