Get Ready To Smile: The Secrets To Raising Happy Kids

From our friends at Your Tango!

When it comes to love, there’s no question that its power is all-encompassing. From its ability to instantly relieve stress to bringing complete strangers together in a warm embrace, it’s safe to say that love’s strength knows no limitations.

In a recent study conducted by our friends at Happify, an app that specializes in bringing happiness and positivity into everyone’s life through science-infused games, it was found that there are many factors that can greatly influence behavior during childhood. This infographic tackles the key to raising children in a positive environment that is conducive to their growth — physically, mentally and emotionally.

These stats are too compelling to ignore; check out some of the interesting facts and Happify’s full infographic below. READ THE ARTICLE: Get Ready To Smile: These Are The Secrets To Raising Happy Kids

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