Jack Nicholson & Lorraine: Shopping Pair

Jack Nicholson and his 23-year-old daughter Lorraine went shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, Calif. last week. The 76-year-old actor wore his usual sunglasses on the outing.

The Bucket List star and Lorraine’s mom Rebecca Broussard also have a son together – Raymond, 22.

Lorraine – who promoted her film Soul Surfer two years ago – admitted she knows doors have opened for her because of her dad.

She said, “I was definitely reluctant to do that. That’s sort of embarrassing to me. I never tried to namedrop, but I’m not naïve. I know that probably sometimes in my life I’ve gotten some advantages because of who my dad is. But that’s just sort of the reality of the situation. And I do try to shy away from it as much as possible and blaze my own path.”


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    • get them out of the back of your closet then because they are back in. An older woman told me once. when clothes got out of style put them in a barrell and every 10 -15 years flip barrel over the clothes bottom will be back in style. 🙂

    • I think she looks great in these jeans. Better these than the ones that ride so low I can count how many public hairs a person has.

  1. Hard to imagine people are going to fall for the mom jeans thing again. It was bad enough the first time around.

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