Busy Philipps: Cricket Is Doing “On Land Swimming”

Busy Philipps recently shared Birdie and Cricket’s milestones to Us Weekly. The Cougar Town actress was at the Hollygrove’s Norma Jean Gala in Beverly Hills last week when she spoke of her girls’ latest feats.

She said of her 8-month-old, “Cricket is doing something that we’re calling — it’s not crawling — on-land swimming. Because she’s moving, she’s not crawling. Like she’s swimming on land, and you can not leave her alone. She’ll get to where she wants to go by swimming on land. She’s really fast and she’s on the move.”

She added, “She’s vocalizing and trying to figure out how to talk.”

“Birdie, the big news is that she’s 5 1/2,” Philipps also shared. “She’s reading and writing, it’s just awesome. I have two great kids and I’m so thrilled.”

Philipps explained that the Hollygrove event “is a charity that does work basically in our backyard. There are 900,000 kids living in poverty in Los Angeles County.”

She continued, “The fact that, to be quite honest, my kids are going to be going to private school, but if they weren’t they would be going to school with these same kids. For me, it’s important to help our community and these programs, I just can’t stress enough, how vital it is to the kids.”

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