Gilles Marini: My Children Are My Life & Everything

Switched At Birth actor Gilles Marini has shared new photos of his children Juliana, 7, and Georges, 15, on his Facebook page. On Thursday (March 27) he posted one of his daughter and niece posing at The Pirate Fairy premiere.

He wrote: “Mega super cute. My daughter on the left, #TinkerBell and my niece #Dahlia at the premiere of #PirateFairy . #Disney rocks, always .. — with Paloma Ramirez Ramirez.”

Last week he showed off a photo of Georges alongside the caption: “We have a #Man at home .. And a really good looking one. What do ya’all think. @georgesmarini.”

In early March it was Georges turn to go to a movie premiere. Father and son went to see Need For Speed.

Giles recently expressed his proud feelings on fatherhood to Celebrity Baby Scoop.

CBS: What is your favorite part about being a dad?

Gilles:  “I cannot put it into words. Being a dad is something you cannot explain, as there are no words.  You finally feel complete…there is really no word in the dictionary to explain how it feels to be a dad. It’s just the best. I’d give my life in the blink of an eye for my kids. It is very special. They are my life and everything. There are always ups and downs, because they are growing and have to know respect, boundaries, and whatnot, otherwise it would be crazy in life with other people. Besides that, I swear to God that being a dad is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

CBS: Do your kids enjoy acting like you?

Gilles: “My son just started acting. He said, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to start this.’”

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