Teresa Palmer Breastfeeds Bodhi

Teresa Palmer is loving being mom to Bodhi Rain – born on February 17. The Australian actress shared a collage of photos via Instagram on March 30. In one of them she is breastfeeding.

She writes: “I love being a Mum. I love every part of it. I love the way I see myself differently now, as a Mother. My hands look different for they are soothing when I touch him, the crook of my elbow now is for his head to rest and my body feeds him whenever he needs. Bodhi started smiling this week, when I look him in the eye and I say “ooh” he erupts in to a toothless grin and squeal. Just this simple word fills him with such joy. I find a lesson in that, in fact I find lessons in every moment with him. Beauty in simplicity I’ve learnt. We over complicate everything, self inflicted pain. I didn’t realize until now that there was another way. I love my new life. @likemark”

On Thursday (March 27) Palmer was spotted with her son out in Culver City, Calif. Wearing all black with sunglasses – the proud mom smiled while carrying her baby.

The Warm Bodies star and Mark Webber married in Mexico in December 2013.

Palmer had explained the baby’s name via Twitter.

“Bodhi means ‘Enlightened One,’ Rain means ‘Abundant Blessings From Above,’ and we chose Palmer as his last name as Mark’s son Isaac didn’t take his dad’s name either. Thanks for all the blessings and love everyone.”

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  1. “We over complicate everything, self inflicted pain”

    Talk to you when you have a toddler honey, and it’s them that’s inflicting the pain 😀

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