Jason & Molly Mesnick Celebrate Daughter’s First Birthday

Bachelor couple Jason and Molly Mesnick recently celebrated their daughter Riley‘s first birthday — and they pulled out all the stops! They made the most of their little girl’s milestone with an “over-the-top” birthday bash, attended by 100 family members and friends, including former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and fiancé Chris Siegfried.

With the birthday girl rockin’ her sweet Stride Rite kicks, and guests leaving with posh party favors from Mabel’s Labels, the reality couple celebrated in style at their Seattle-based home.

Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with the proud parents to hear exclusive details of their daughter’s fun soirée, their baby girl who has “quite a silly personality,” and their hopes to add another baby to the brood.

CBS: Happy birthday to your sweet daughter Riley! Tell us all about her milestone birthday.

MM: “I wanted to go big with Riley’s first birthday party because, well, you only turn one once, right [laughs]. We invited 100 of our closest family and friends. We even had family members fly in from out of town. Desiree and Chris, our fellow Bachelor family members, also came out to celebrate.”

CBS: Tell us some of the highlights of the party. What was your favorirte part? Tell us about some of Riley’s favorite gifts.

MM: “The dessert table, by Jenny Cookies, was far and away the highlight of the party! She put together a table emulating ice cream treats and it made the look of the room. We had cake pops shaped like ice cream cones, krispie treats shaped like popsicles, and even and 3-tier ice cream scoop cake.

Riley received a ton of gifts, but she’s very into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now, so her Minnie Mouse car was the highlight for her.”

CBS: Now that the soiree has occurred, do you think you will throw such huge parties for her in the future?

MM: “I’m a party planner by nature, so as much as I’d like to say her future parties won’t be as over-the-top, chances are likely they will be [laughs]. It’s just too much fun to plan.”

CBS: Do you think the first birthday is more of a party for the parents than it is for the child? Or a little of both?

MM: “This party was definitely catered more towards adults. Riley is only one, so it’s not like she has a ton of friends. Most of the guests were our own friends.”

CBS: How is Riley doing? What is she into these days? What does she do to make you laugh?

MM: “Riley is constantly making us laugh. She is at such a fun age where she is really starting to interact with us, understand words, and she’s got quite a silly personality. She’s also on the move, big time! I have to watch her like a hawk because if I turn away for even a minute, she’s already playing in the toilet [laughs].”

CBS: How were the first few months of motherhood for you? Did you feel overwhelmed at all? How have you adjusted to new motherhood?

MM: “Honestly, I was a very low stress mommy at the beginning and still today. I didn’t read a lot of books beforehand, so I wouldn’t get worked up about the little things. I took everything in stride and just enjoyed the little moments with Riley. She has a great disposition — very happy, calm, and easy. I got really lucky with this one.”

CBS: Are you hoping to add to your family one day soon and have another baby?

MM: “I think so. Riley already has a big brother (Ty, who is 9), but I’d love for her to have a sibling closer in age. I grew up with a sister who is only 2 years old than me, and we are so close. I want that for Riley too.”

CBS: Any other special projects you are working on right now?

MM: “I just started a completely new job as the morning radio show co-host on 106.1 KISS FM. It’s quite the career change for me, but it’s so much fun and it now allows me to have the entire afternoon with Riley. We’re just about to start swimming lessons with her, and I wouldn’t have had that luxury with my previous job, which was more of an office, desk job.”

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