Paul Stanley Steps Out With His Sons

Rocker Paul Stanley stepped out with his sons – Evan, 20, and Colin, 7 – in Beverly Hills, Calif. last week. The Kiss frontman, 62, carried some flowers after picking up some fresh produce at the farmer’s market.

As Kiss is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week, Stanley opens up about the group’s shifting lineup, infighting, and his personal struggles in his new memoir, Face the Music. Read an excerpt below from Parade.

“I sit down and look in the mirror, staring for a moment into the eyes peering out at me. The mirror is surrounded by high-watt theater-style bulbs, and on the table in front of the brightly lit mirror is a small black makeup case. We hit the stage in about three hours, which means it’s time for the ritual that has defined my professional life for forty years.

First, I wipe my face with an astringent, to close the pores. Then I grab a container of “clown white,” a thick, cream-based makeup. I dip my fingers into the tub of white goo and start applying it all over my face, leaving some space open around my right eye, where the rough outline of the star will be.

There was a time when this makeup was a mask—hiding the face of a kid whose life up to then had been lonely and miserable. I was born with no right ear—I’m deaf on that side, too—and the most searing early memories I have are of other kids calling me “Stanley the one-eared monster.” It was often kids I didn’t even know. But they knew me: the kid with a stump for an ear.

When I was out among people I felt naked. I was painfully aware of being constantly scrutinized. And when I came home, my family was too dysfunctional to provide any kind of support.”

Stanley and ex-wife Pamela Bowen are parents to Evan. He is now married to Erin Sutton, the mother of Colin and their 5-year-old daughter Sarah.


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