Happy 12th Birthday Jack Depp

Name: John “Jack” Christopher Depp III

Date of Birth: April 9, 2002

Parents: Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis

Siblings: Lily-Rose, 14


♥ Jack was born in Paris, France

♥ His father tatooed his nickname of ‘Jack’ on his right forearm

♥ He is bilingual, speaking both English and French

♥ Some of Jack’s famous friends are Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter‘s children Billy and Nell and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s sons Maddox and Pax

♥ His parents split after being together for 14 years


“I don’t sell my private life, and nobody knows the truth or has done a proper journalist’s work on that situation. Nowadays, people speculate, but nobody knows! I have my children to protect. There are children involved, so it’s really no one’s business but the family. All parents are [overprotective]. When somebody hurts your child, you become a war machine. You couldn’t kill, but you want to. We have the gut feeling, you know? You love and you fear for them, and it’s all here [points to her belly]. I understand that.” – mama Vanessa inferring that her children’s well-being remains her priority.

“It was having children that woke me up. To fall in love, to that degree… to fall in love with… these little angels. Who didn’t ask to arrive, but who arrived anyway. That was just huge for me. It was like the uplifting of a veil. There was something that it gave me, for the very first time in my life… Clarity.” – Johnny on how his children have afforded him a clearer outlook on life.

“Having kids was a huge change for me. Becoming a father. But I think more than changing, I feel like I’ve been revealed to myself, I kind of found out who I was. When you meet your child for the first time and you’re looking at this angel, you start realizing what an idiot you’ve been for so many years and how much time you’ve wasted. As far as being feet-on-the-ground, once again my kids and [‘girlfriend Vanessa Paradis] have given me a proper foundation. A sense of home that I never had in my life, a real sense of a place to be.” – Johhny on his family.

“You can’t plan the kind of deep love that results in children. Fatherhood was not a conscious decision. It was part of the wonderful ride I was on. It was destiny; kismet. All the math finally worked.” – papa Johnny on fatherhood.

“That’s like a Rubik’s cube. You don’t want to discuss that. It’s complicated, especially on two different continents—to be there for your children before everything, but not forgetting who you are and what you like to do. Juggling jet lag and schedules and flying around the world is tough. But organize our life. It’s a juggling, yeah it is. But it’s working so far.” – mama Vanessa on juggling worklife with raising children.

“The kids are a big influence on my career. I’ve made a number of films that I won’t allow them to see, so with Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango – I got a chance to do a Spongebob Squarepants once – I’m doing things that the kids can see…. And it means I won’t have to compete with Robert Downey Jr. My kids adore him and that’s a bit worrying.” – Johnny on how his film choices are influenced by fatherhood.


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