Nicolas Sarkozy & Carla Bruni: Carriage Couple

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni enjoyed a horse carriage ride with their 2-year-old daughter Giulia in New York City on Wednesday (April 23). The couple later shopped at FAO Schwarz.

Bruni also made an appearance on the TODAY show to talk about her fourth album Little French Songs.

She told Matt Lauer, “To be on the road is fantastic. I like to change place. I like to discover new places. My songs are about life. They’re like little postcards of life, you know? Desire, loneliness, but also maybe joy and fun.”

Bruni, 46, also admitted that aging “is not easy to cope with” but said it wasn’t only about physical beauty.

“It’s related to everything, to energy, strength. I also believe that a woman and a man, they don’t really lose their charm. And I think charm is much more important than beauty because seduction is related to charm, is related to experience, and to intelligence. So I hope, you know, that I can keep some charm.”


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  1. You should not be published pictures of this kid, they asked for her privacy, asked everybody in France not to published pictures of her because they want her to have a normal and anonymous life, just like they did with Carla’s son Aurélien. We have never seen any picture of the kids here in France, never a single picture of Giulia so its a shame you are posting this and breaking all the privacy they have built for their family.

    • Ugh, whatever.

      Their request is just as ridiculous as any other celebrity/politician plainly asking: “I’ve decided to become a parent and I now want the privacy that I’ve long ago forfeited. Give it to me.”

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