Kendra Wilkinson Celebrates Baby Shower

Kendra on Top star Kendra Wilkinson enjoyed a posh baby shower on Saturday, April 19 at the home of her good pal, model-actress Jessica Hall. Produced by Good Carma Studio, the expectant mama, 28, and a few of her close girlfriends enjoyed an afternoon of pampering, good food and loads of laughter.

“My favorite part of the shower was while all my friends were drinking VEEV VitaFrute Coconut Colada inside real coconuts and having fun, I went over and had a massage from the guys from Manly Handz,” Kendra tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

As for some of the baby gifts, it sounds like Kendra got some sweet stuff at the soirée.

“I got some really cute stuff including some adorable Stride Rite little girls shoes, a POSH Mommy “We Love You Mommy” necklace and a Tupac onesie,” she says.

Guests noshed on an organic spread from Paleta and an amazing candy bar from Candy Me Up. And everyone went home with good bags personalized with Mabel’s Labels’ bag tags saying “Kendra’s Sprinkle.”

And not to mention the wine tasting (for the non-pregnant gals) from Consensio Wines, psychic readings by Melodie, flower arrangements from Bashful Rose, and the gorgeous cake from Polkatots.

While some people frown on having a second baby shower, Kendra says she’s glad they talked her into it.

“My friends really made me do it, but I’m really glad we did,” she shares. “With the help of Good Carma Studios producing the shower, everyone came together to help me celebrate having a little girl. I think we all had a really great time.”

In these last few weeks of pregnancy, Kendra says she’s feeling ready as ever for her daughter to arrive.

“I’m going to start drinking some red raspberry tea (I hear it induces labor) to get things moving along,” she admits. “I am ready to have this little girl. It has been a little painful the past few weeks and it’s time.”

As for losing the baby weight fast, the reality star says she’s trying to keep things in perspective.

“Of course I am,” she admits to be worried about dropping the baby weight. “It took a whole year with my first pregnancy to get back in shape. I have been very healthy and fit during this pregnancy so I am very motivated to get my body back in shape. I will not put a time limit on how fast I want to lose the weight. The last thing I want to do is stress about it. I’d rather spend time with my family and focus on their happiness. Hopefully while I work on me getting back into shape I will be able to get my thyroid under control too.”

It sounds like The Girls Next Door alum is feeling mentally preparing for baby No. 2.

“I’m relaxing and taking some time for me to chill,” Kendra shares. “The last couple weeks of this pregnancy are dedicated to me — sleep and relax. Hank has been here taking care of everything and letting me take it easy. And spending a lot of quality time with Lil’ Hank has also made it easier for me to get ready.”

As for being nervous about the upcoming late-night feeds, Kendra says she’s feeling well prepared.

“I’ve prepared my whole life for something to keep me up at night,” she laughs. “If I can twerk all night, I can feed all night [laughs]. I’m beyond excited for the months to come. I cannot wait to see her face and enjoy our new family dynamics.”


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  1. Um…did she have a shower to celebrate the baby or so she could get a paycheck from all of these brands she name drops?

    • Well at least she’s working and she earned that her paycheck. What’s wrong with that? Have you ever completed a survey for cash or discount?. Have you ever told a friend about a great service you received or a provider that gives discount because you told a friend about them i.e. cable company, cellphone company, clothes and shoes etc…

  2. Its so sad; people are the worst especially females correction most females. If she did not mention or give credit to those who helped put the shower together, some silly females would’ve commented regardless. Oh, I wonder where she got her baby’s outfit(s) or who did the massage, oh I would love to know where she got her necklace et cetera. Just can’t win with people.

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