Holly Williams Expecting First Child

Holly Williams and husband Chris Coleman are expecting their first child together.  The singer-songwriter announced the news via Twitter on Mother’s Day.

“@colemantime caught this of me while shooting tin cans this morning on the Georgia farm. I think I felt my first kick and I’m not talking about the Red Ryder BB gun!!,” she tweeted.


Williams, 33, is the granddaughter of Hank Williams and daughter of Hank Williams Jr.


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      • Yeah, it’s incredibly classy. A gun, plus shorts so short you can see her bare butt cheeks poking out on the bottom. Add long, messy blonde hair and pale skin, and it’s every redneck man’s dream.

        • Looks like fun to me and I’m no redneck. Sorry it doesn’t fit your idea of a liberal utopia, where everyone has perfectly coiffed politically correct hair and covers their pale skin with $200 designer jeans. God forbid she wants to use a bb gun to shoot tin cans out in the countryside. I’d take her reality over your uptight one any day of the week.

  1. One of my favorite singers/writers ever. Not fond of her dad but love(d) her granddad and I think he would be seriously proud of her. Sometimes the real deal just skips a generation.

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