Happy 3rd Birthday Eloise Richards

Name: Eloise Joni Richards

Date of Birth: May 24, 2011

Parent: Denise Richards

Siblings: Sam, 10, & Lola, nearly 9


♥ Eloise was adopted domestically by Denise

♥ Her middle name was chosen by her big sisters to honor her grandmother


“Eloise has some late development issues. She didn’t start crawling until she was 15 months and started walking at 2. We [also] do speech therapy. We’re very excited at how well she’s doing.” Denise on her third daughter.- Denise on her lengthy adoption journey.

“She’s brought so much joy, and I love her to pieces.- Denise on her new baby girl.
“They want to adopt when they get older and become moms. I’m so very proud of them that they’ve really embraced Eloise. They’re so protective of her, they play with her, they love watching her grow and change, and so far I haven’t seen any jealousy.” – Denise on her girls.


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  1. The article says her middle name was chosen by her sisters and no middle name is listed here. I think you meant that her sisters chose her first name. But I am curious if she has a middle name?

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