Happy 4th Birthday Simone Masterson-Horn

Happy 4th Birthday Simone Masterson-Horn

Name: Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn

Date of Birth: June 7, 2010

Parents: Scout Masterson and Bill Horn (playfully dubbed “The Guncles” – as in Gay Uncles – by BFF Tori Spelling)

Siblings: none


♥ Simone’s fathers married in 2009 (Tori Spelling planned their wedding) and began the adoption process the same year.

♥ She weighed 6 lbs., 2 oz. and measured  18 inches long at birth

♥ Her fathers found her name “in a baby name book under a list of “Activist Names,” and liked that it denoted a strong woman and paid homage to Nina Simone

♥ Her godmother is Tori Spelling

♥ Her fathers lovingly call her “Nuggy”

♥ Simone made it into the Favorite Preschooler of 2013 category in Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 6th Annual Reader’s Choice Awards


“Dean and I are beyond happy that Scout and Bill’s dreams of becoming parents have come true. Little Simone couldn’t have two better loving and deserving dads. Her cousins Liam and Stella are anxiously waiting to meet her. Stella kisses pictures of her that Guncle Billy and Scouty send us.” – Tori Spelling on the birth of Simone.

“We are in awe of Simone and thrilled that our dream of becoming parents has finally come true. From the moment we saw her we instantly fell in love — she has us wrapped around her little fingers.” -the proud new papas on the birth of their first child.

“We will definitely celebrate Simone’s birthday in a big way. We love to throw parties, as events are a portion of our firm’s business. Also, we love having our good friend, Jenny Keller (Jenny Cookies) come down to bake and help us create an amazing, fun day. Jenny has made Simone’s birthday cake (and amazing dessert tables) every year since Simone’s very first birthday. We joke that we hope she’ll come down from Seattle all the way through Simone’s 21st!” – the Guncles on their daughter’s 4th Birthday plans.

“Simone is such a fun loving (part jokester) girl. She loves to create and play with the basics. You won’t see her playing with many pre-made toys — she’s all about paper, kid scissors, and markers/paints right now. Last night she was making birthday crowns for all of her stuffed animals out of construction paper.” – the couple on their nearly 4-year-old little lady.

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