Natalie Portman & Aleph: Home For The Holiday

Actress Natalie Portman and her son Aleph, 3, make it back to Los Angeles just in time for 4th of July weekend. The duo were spotted at LAX on Thursday (July 3).

Little Aleph looked adorable with his curly blonde hair holding a stuffed pink Flamingo.

The 33-year-old actress will be making her directorial debut in A Tale Of Love And Darkness  – which is due out later this year.

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    • I doubt it. Apparently, she only wants one child. She’s an “only” child herself. Also, I think it’s really rude of people like you to just assume she’s pregnant because her stomach is not flat as a freakin’ board. Geez, maybe she just had a big meal. And maybe her family plans are not the same as yours, I mean…. “Natalie has GOT to be pregnant!!” – yeah right, because everyone has just GOT to have more than one! Whatever.

    • Ok wow..I’m an only child myself and I didn’t get upset at your statement like this woman did! Lol. You were just observing. Sheesh. This lady needs an anxiety pill, stat!

  1. I’m going to safely assume she is preggers. She lost all her baby weight and that is a fairly significant bump. Plus she’s been wearing a lot of pouchy dresses lately when going out.

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