Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky’s Sweet Sons

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky's Sweet Sons

It’s the Hemsworth twins!

Proud mama Elsa Pataky shared some sweet family photos via Instagram. The Fast Five actress, 38, shared the above image of her 4-month-old sons Tristan and Sasha.

The Spanish model-actress – who is also mom to 2-year-old daughter India with husband Chris Hemsworth – went on to share another blog via Glamour España.

“This week I dedicate to moms again, because I know there are many who follow me,” the translation of Elsa’s writing says. “Here are some tips that I have been good and I want to share with my Confidentes.”

She went on to talk about some of her favorite baby items.

“From the second month, I put the babies in a “baby gym” for pataleen at your leisure and fun,” she shares. “These rugs have small arches above the hanging different toys, a mobile with music and lights … This encourages and makes the few times we are awake out of his crib for entertaining.”

She adds:  “Now my children have already taking four months and play toys with hands or kicking them. And spend most of the lying time face up and from the third month were you can put face down, flat on their hands with a toy in front for you to look at but not more than one minute , because they get tired and protest if they forsake too time. That I do about three times a day so that they strengthen the neck muscles to raise your head that you know how much you weigh them at this age.”

In a series of Instagram pics, the mom-of-three shares some more family photos with her fans.

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