Tracking Your Baby’s Milestones from Birth to 12 Months


You’ve just brought your newborn baby home from the hospital.  You’re nervous, in love, and amazed at your new creation. But now what? When do I feed the baby? How much sleep does the baby need?  How will I know if she needs something?  Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of this parenting thing.  And to help you out, Pish Posh Baby has outlined the basics in sleeping, eating, motor skills and playtime by month to help you out.  In no time you’ll be a pro!



For the first month of life, your baby will sleep a lot—most of the day, in fact.  Unfortunately, the sleep will only last about 2-3 hours because your little one will need to eat.  After all, your baby is busy growing.  Your little one will communicate through grunts, cries, hiccups and sneezes.  Once you get to know each other better, you’ll be able to understand what the different noises and cries mean.  During this time, your baby will enjoy mirrors, sounds and colors.

1st Month
1 first month
You’ve successfully made it to 1 month!  At this stage, your baby will be awake a bit more and sleep 15-16 hours each day.  He will need fed milk every 2-3 hours.  At 1 month, he will enjoy faces but not yet toys.  Hearing is fully developed, he responds to familiar sounds (like a parent’s voice!).

2nd Month
1 second month

Finally, your baby should be awake more during the day and sleeping more at night.  Be thankful for those extra minutes of sleep each night. You’ll still be feeding your growing baby every 2-3 hours.  Your little one is becoming a social butterfly at 2 months.  She responds to you with gurgles and coos and tracks moving objects with her eyes.

3rd  Month
1 third month

Your little sweetie should hopefully be sleeping at 5-6 hour stretches by this time and will sleep about 15 hours each day (but know all babies are different).  Feeding times will stretch to 3-4 hours now.  He’ll start to enjoy floor time, especially with a baby gym.  He will be kicking up a storm and swinging his arms at things.  He’ll start to mimic sounds, movements and expressions.  He will also start recognizing faces and make direct eye contact.

4th Month
1 fourth month

You’ve made it to 4 months—well done, mom and dad!  You’re becoming a pro and now better understand your baby’s cues and needs.  By this time, you’re finally getting in a more solid routine.  You can expect baby to sleep about 15 hours a day with 2-3 naps each day.  Feedings will now move to every 3-5 hours and might include some solid foods.  Baby is becoming very active and may start rolling from back to tummy and will start to push up on elbows.  She will adore peek-a-boo and really belly laugh at you.  She’s also starting to enjoy toys and you may find her reaching for them.  Be prepared, this is also the month many babies start teething.

5th Month
1 fifth month
If you’re lucky, your baby will now be sleeping at 6-8 hours stretches and still getting about 15 hours of sleep each day with 2-3 naps. Your growing baby will still need feedings every 3-5 hours and may include solid foods. He can now reach and grab things with all fingers.  Watch your hair and earrings!

6th Month
1 sixth month

Happy 6th months baby!  Your parents probably have this baby thing down by now.  You’re still sleeping about 15 hours daily and hopefully includes longer stretches at nighttime. You’ll still need milk every 3-6 hours.  Solid foods will be introduced, if they haven’t previously. You’ll enjoy one, new mushy food every few days.  You’re a show-off rolling from back to front and front to back and sitting up at this time.

7th Month
1 seventh month

Your baby is getting the hang of good nighttime sleep at this point—6-11 hour stretches. You’ll still be feeding every few hours, including about 2 tablespoons of solid foods each day.  She’s seeing in full color now and loves a good book.  She’s babbling and holding her own weight on her legs now.

8th Month
1 eigth month

Sleep remains at about 15 hours each day with 2-3 naps.  You’re still taking the bottle or breast several times each day and are starting to enjoy soft table and finger foods.  Any soft household toys will be a fun play item, you’re sitting up by yourself and gearing up for crawling.

9th Month
1 ninth month

At 9 months, baby is still sleeping a decent amount at night with 2-3 naps each day. He’s now eating solids 3-5 times each day along with milk. Playtime is fun and includes scooting, cruising and climbing.

10th Month
1 tenth month

She’s now sleeping a little less each night and is down to 2 naps each day.  She needs 3 meals and 2 snacks each day along with milk.  She understands simple directions and knows her favorite toys.

11th Month
1 eleventh month

Sleep and feeding times remain similar to 10 months.  Your little one has mastered scooting, cruising and standing.

12th Month
1 twelfth month

Congratulations baby—you’re 1 year old! You’re sleeping about 13 hours each night with 2 naps each day.  You’re eating just like the rest of the family and enjoy feeding yourself.  You’re probably saying a few small words like “dada” by now, maybe taking a few unassisted steps and understanding simple commands.  Next stop, Todderdom!

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