Christie Lynn Smith’s Blog: “Enjoying This Crazy Ride Of Motherhood”

Christie Lynn Smith- "Enjoying This Crazy Ride Of Motherhood"

Actress Christie Lynn Smith is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers to follow along as she blogs about family life with husband, actor John Fortson, and their two children: daughter Abby, 6 1/2, and son Joshua, 21 months.

In her ninth guest blog, the Paging Dr. Freed star talks candidly about the joys – and challenges – of motherhood. The actress – who will be starring as Linda Westbrook on CBS’s Criminal Minds on November 19 along with a new HBO series titled Togetherness in Jan. – admits that life can be overwhelming, but she’s found herself through the rigors of motherhood.

“Blog 9 … I’m sorry it’s been awhile.

I feel like I have been a distant friend, not writing to you, not giving myself time to do the things I like to do. Why is that? Well, I have two kids and it has been tough lately.

I know a lot of moms can relate to being so busy that the day flies by and you didn’t even shower. Or you wonder why the one thing you needed to really do didn’t get done.

Abby is now 6 1/2 and little Joshua is 21 months. I kinda miss the days where he couldn’t walk and he just lied there in a hump of cuteness. My days are spent turning every chair over in the house just so he doesn’t try and climb up on the kitchen table or counter or on my desk and try and sit on my computer. My days are spent making sure the older doesn’t attack the youngest with a Star Wars lightsaber. My days are spent kissing boo-boo falls which happen, seriously, almost every hour for both of them. And my days are spent trying to get back whatever the baby took from Abby so she can be happy for the moment.

It’s hard. I won’t lie. I am tired most of the time. I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. And I feel like my career has been a tad pushed to the side.

But would I change it? No.

Do I wish I had more help? Yes.

Do I wish I had magic powers to freeze the kids when I was making dinner so I could actually make it without juggling 50 things? Or so I could make a 3 minute phone call without hearing the screeching of the chair as Joshua drags it across the wood floor? Maybe I could freeze the screaming mid-scream and just pop some blueberries in their mouths so when they opened it a smile came out and not a deafening sound.

We didn’t have any help at all till last summer when we got help once a week so we would have a little time to get the stuff done we couldn’t get done the others days. And since then, we have upped it to twice a week.

Those days are like religious holidays. We mark them on the calendar and thank GOD every time our sitter comes.

And I know some people have full-time nannies which is great or family living close by, which I wish we did. Somehow we manage to make it work.

I am not trying to complain but share that being a mom has been hard these past few months…like these past 7 months. Okay, maybe the past year.

And I wish I had more time to do the things I want to do like write these blogs, wash my hair, read a magazine (I have magazines piling up from January), or attempt to make the pyjama bottoms I promised Abby I’d make her 3 years ago.

And I wish I had time to just be me. I feel like sometimes I am not me anymore.

But then again, I am more of ‘me’ than I have every known. I am more woman and I have more patience than I ever thought possible. Seriously! And I have more love for these two little munchkins than I could have ever known. I am now really me – maybe it sounds corny, but I think it’s true.

So, I guess I am just fine where I am. And I have to tell myself that the days are long, but the years are short and to just keep enjoying this crazy ride of motherhood.

I’d love to hear your stories on how you keep ‘you’ being you.

Send me a note on Facebook or you can follow me on Twitter

P.S. Right after I submitted this blog, the sitter who helped us twice a week moved back to Florida. So I guess washing my hair will have to wait till next month…”

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