Celebrities Share Their Valentine’s Day Plans

Love is in the air.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, Celebrity Baby Scoop asked some of our favorite celebrity parents about their romantic plans on the heart-filled day.

From Melissa Joan Hart‘s trip to Las Vegas, to Courtney and Mario Lopez‘s date with their daughter, to DeAnna Pappas Stagliano‘s dinner and a movie, read about how the stars are set to celebrate the romantic holiday.

  • Melissa Joan Hart:

Melissa & Joey star Melissa Joan Hart and husband Mark Wilkerson – married for 11 years – are proud parents to three sons: Mason, 9, Brady, nearly 7, and Tucker, 2. The Hart-Wilkersons are set to launch their new clothing line over the Valentine’s Day weekend in Las Vegas.

Celebrity Baby Scoop chatted with the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch alum, 38, about their upcoming plans for the romantic holiday. Continue reading MJH’s thoughts on keeping Valentine’s Day quaint, without putting “too much emphasis on the day itself.”

CBS: What are your upcoming Valentine’s Day plans? Do you enjoy celebrating V-Day? Or do you feel it’s too much of a “Hallmark” holiday?

MJH: “We don’t put too much emphasis on the day itself but we do try to make the most of the holiday by finding some quiet time together. Normally babysitters and reservations are hard to find on the 14th so we chose to go out to a nice dinner a day or two after the big holiday.

This year we will be at my sister’s engagement party which will be special, and then we head to Las Vegas with the family to launch our new boys clothing line King of Harts so it will be celebrated in between all the other events.”

CBS: What are some of your most memorable Valentine’s Day gifts? What are you giving to your main squeeze on V-Day?

MJH: “Usually it’s just a card and some sweet gesture. Mark usually takes the boys to pick me out a cute purse or piece of jewelry but we don’t get fancy. It’s more about the recognition of our love than the gifts.”

CBS: Do you give your kids Valentine’s Day gifts? Are they excited about the holiday?

MJH: “They like to celebrate with their friends at school and love to help their daddy make it special for me. My hope is that my boys will grow to be romantic men that treat women with respect and love.”

CBS: Do you feel the pressure to go a bit over-the-top with your kids’ Valentine’s Day gifts for their school friends? Are you the type of mom that will Pinterest the most unique homemade cards/gifts for your kids’ friends?

MJH: “It’s hard enough to get them to sign their names on the store bought cards for each classmate, let alone do crafts and gifts for everyone [laughs]. Last year we attempted DIY stamped cards, but even that lost its luster about 3 cards in so I’ll just stick with the store bought type. But we usually do send cards to all the aunties and I hope we have time to do that again this year.”

CBS: Are you and Mark romantic all year round? What are some of the ways you two show your love to each other throughout the year?

MJH: “We make time for each other for sure and make our marriage a priority. But we prefer lunch dates over dinner dates since we’d rather be snuggled on the couch watching a movie once the kids are in bed than out on the town after an exhausting day.”

  • DeAnna Pappas Stagliano:

The Bachelorette alum DeAnna Pappas Stagliano and her husband Stephen Stagliano welcomed their first child – daughter Addison Marie – on Feb. 6 2014.

The new mom, 33, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being more excited for her daughter’s first birthday than Valentine’s Day. That said, she’s still planning on a fun – yet rare – date night with her husband of three years.

CBS: What are your upcoming Valentine’s Day plans? Do you enjoy celebrating V-Day? Or do you feel it’s too much of a “Hallmark” holiday?

DPS: “We actually have not made any plans yet. We are focusing on Addison’s 1st birthday, which is Feb. 6. It seems like that is all I can think about. We do enjoy to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year, as parents, we will probably just go out to dinner and a movie because we never get to do that anymore [laughs].”

CBS: Do you plan to give Addison Valentine’s Day gifts?

DPS: “We will definitely celebrate this holiday and every holiday with Addison. She is the love of our lives.”

CBS: Are you and Stephen romantic all year round? What are some of the ways you two show your love to each other throughout the year?

DPS: “Stephen and I are definitely romantic all year round. Our marriage and our relationship is very important to us both. We still try to do weekend getaways with just the two of us, as well as date nights where we can to make sure we still focus on “us.” And “us” as a family is as equally important, so we definitely try to do family things with Addison to continue to work on our bond as a unit of three.”

  • Courtney Lopez:

Courtney and Mario Lopez are proud parents to daughter Gia, 4, and son Nico, 1. The happy couple – who were wed in Dec. 2012 – are set the celebrate Valentine’s Day with their daughter.

Courtney sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop and opened up about her “romantic” husband and how they celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family.

CBS: What are your upcoming Valentine’s Day plans? Do you enjoy celebrating V-Day? Or do you feel it’s too much of a “Hallmark” holiday?

CL: “Mario and I usually make Valentine’s Day a family day, and this year we are taking Gia to see Wicked. I’m so excited for her reaction.”

CBS: Do you give Gia and Nico Valentine’s Day gifts?

CL: “Gifts are not a priority on Valentine’s Day. The Wicked tickets cost enough [laughs]. We do give the kids small gifts for Valentine’s Day, just to treat them. This year we are giving Gia the new Kidz Bop 27 CD. And since she loves to label her stuff with Mabel’s Labels, we are gifting her some cute ones with heart themed icons. For Nico, we found hime a personalized music CD to jam to in the car. We love a good dance party in the Lopez family.”

CBS: Are you and Mario romantic all year round? What are some of the ways you two show your love to each other throughout the year?

CL: “My husband is romantic all year round! He loves to surprise me with little getaways, where we get to enjoy each other and build beautiful memories together. I’m lucky to be surrounded by love everyday. I don’t take it for granted.”


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