Amanda Peet Got “Tons Of Hate Mail” For Being Pro-Vaccination

Togetherness star Amanda Peet thrust herself into the world of public controversy when she addressed the hot topic of childhood vaccinations and called parents who do not immunize their children “parasites.”

“I’m just a concerned mom, and now that I have a newborn who’s too young to be vaccinated, it really hit home for me,” the actress, who welcomed son Henry in December, told Access Hollywood of the ongoing controversy surrounding vaccinations.

“I think we’ve just kind of lost our sense of neighborliness,” she continued. “Even if it’s not your child, your neighbor could have an infant at home or somebody whose immunity is compromised. Shouldn’t we all be in this together?”

As for the recent outbreak of measles, many parents feel it is a direct result of those not willing to vaccinate their children.

“It’s really scary,” said Peet, who is also mom to daughters Frankie, 8, and Molly 4. “What’s it going to take before we all get in this together? Are we going to see infant mortality rates? Because that would be infuriating and so tragic.”

A proud member of the pro-vaccination organization Every Child By Two, the actress says she’s seen the strong opposition to vaccinations.

“I got tons of hate mail because I started working for Every Child By Two a couple years ago at the height of the vaccine controversy,” she shared. “It’s hard to communicate science.”

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