Sherri Saum Celebrates Twins’ First Birthday

Last month, Sherri Saum and husband Kamar de los Reyes celebrated their twin sons’ first birthday with a frog-themed party at their Hollywood-area home.

To celebrate the milestone birthday for John and Michael, The Fosters actress, 40, sent out EchoAge invites to several guests – which helped them collect funds for their charity of choice – for the backyard bash, which was hosted by Good Carma Studio and Laura Stewart Design.

Guests were treated to party favors from Mabel’s Labels, a dessert bar by Polkatots, and Chocolate Nutrimeal shakes by USANA.

Inspired by the boys’ favorite cartoon, Atención Atención, the frog-themed soirée included LA CROIX sparkling water at the “Frog Bar” for the adults, while they got hand and foot massages from Manly Handz.

Guests enjoyed a BBQ spread full of salads and healthy options, while kids noshed on Mac & Cheese and chicken fingers.

Polkatots provided caramel apples, rice krispy treats, #1 cookies and a vanilla/chocolate FROG Cupcake cake.

The party favors – including online protection software from Net Nanny – were personalized with Mabel’s Labels Bag Tags, featuring frogs and personalized with “1st Birthday Party.”

After the party, Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Sherri about the milestone birthday bash, and the first year of motherhood.

CBS: Happy birthday to your twin sons John and Michael! How as the first year been? Is it truly double the work with twins?

SS: “Well the beauty part is, I don’t know anything different. Kamar probably noticed the double-ness more because he has a singleton 17 year old son.”

CBS: What are some of your best tips and advice for parents expecting multiples?

SS: “It’s true that keeping them on the same sleep/eat schedule is a lifesaver – even if it means having to wake one up to eat with his sibling. That way, you’ll have a break and won’t be trying to juggle one at a time.

Also, it’s good to have a frank conversation about expectations that you and your partner may have, such as, ‘Do we sleep train them?’ and, ‘What tasks are we going to assign to each other?’ And, pre-forgive each other for the crankiness that will definitely take over with the stress and sleep deprivation.”

CBS: What are some of the greatest joys of motherhood?

SS: “Biggest joy is hard to pick, but witnessing their daily discoveries is more fun than I ever imagined. Also, seeing them first thing in the morning all sleepy and happy and yummy — nothing better!

CBS: Tell us about your boys’ unique personalities. Did you notice differences about them from the beginning?

SS: “It’s never been more obvious that your core traits are there from the get go. Michael is high energy and rambunctious, but also sensitive and hesitant with new people. John is very focused and independent and observant. Not that he doesn’t have his wild-man moments at times.”

CBS: Tell us all about the twins’ first birthday bash. What was your favorite part of the party? What was their favortie part?

SS: “Their birthday was a dream come true – green everywhere and frog-themed. Party favors from their favorite show Atención Atención.

My favorite part was, of course, the food. We had the most extreme frog-inspired treats with a giant frog birthday cake from this amazing bakery called Polkatots. There were lots of kids and the boys were on their best behavior.

Of course, ripping through the paper on their presents was their favorite part — it couldn’t have been better. The entire bash was put together by the Good Carma Girls.”

CBS: How do you balance motherhood and working on your hit show The Fosters?

SS: “I’m a big believer in the Nike slogan — you just kinda do it. Luckily, I have a very involved husband and we have excellent childcare at home so it’s been pretty smooth.”

CBS: How has Caylen (your husband’s 17-year-old son) adjusted to having baby brothers?

SS: “Caylen was overjoyed to have brothers — he’s so good and helpful with them. And he’s such a warm, caring person. He’s going to be a beautiful influence on them.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

SS: “I’m pretty full on with The Fosters right now, but I’m crossing my fingers for a film during our upcoming hiatus.”

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