Daphne Oz Reveals Newborn’s Name

Proud mom-of-two Daphne Oz has announced her newborn’s name.

The author-TV personality, 29, took to The Chew‘s Facebook page to share an exclusive home video where she chatted about being “a human pacifier,” her 20-month-old daughter Philomena‘s adjustment into big sisterhood, and her son’s sweet moniker.

“We have named our son Jovan Jovanovic Jr.,” she announced. “My husband’s Serbian, that’s his name, and we named him after his daddy and we’re calling him John John and I can’t wait for you guys to meet him.”

As it turns out, The Chew co-host seems to be adjusting well to the new addition.

“I’m officially a week in to being a mother of two, which is still totally crazy for me to say,” she said at the beginning of the video. “It’s been a wild week and so much fun and totally exhausting, but little baby he’s so sweet. He just sleeps and eats and sleeps and eats. And everyone is so in love, Philo [daughter Philomena Bijou Jovanovic] especially, she thinks he’s all hers. She’s just constantly trying to kiss him.”

And although Philo’s kisses verge on “assault,” it sounds like the transition is going fairly well.

“She loves him very much which I’m really happy about. I was nervous about how the adjustment was going to be like with the two of them,” the proud mama-of-two shared.

Oz and Javonovic welcomed their second child on October 21, and the proud new mom-of-two shared the first photo of her baby boy just days later on social media.

“This little man is so loved!! all 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches of him came into the world on Wednesday afternoon, and I can’t remember life before then,” she Instagrammed. “we’ve been trying to soak up every moment, but wanted to quickly drop in and say THANK YOU for all of your incredibly sweet notes and congratulations. we’re having some quiet time at home with just family, but cannot wait to share him with you soon!! so much love.”

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