Leah & Brandon Jenner Share Shots Of Eva

New mom Leah Jenner posted a photo of daughter Eva, 5 months, via Instagram Wednesday.

“…oh just playing on the floor with my best friend,” the proud mama, 33, captioned the cute shot.

Papa Brandon Jenner also shared a sweet snapshot of their baby girl enjoying the rain.

“One of us absolutely loves the rain,” the new dad, 34, Instagrammed the image.

The reality stars welcomed their first child on July 22. They announced the happy news on social media.

“On Wednesday, July 22nd I became a Mom,” Leah wrote. “It has without a doubt been the most profoundly beautiful time in my life but also emotionally, spiritually and physically challenging too….and I am so grateful for every second of it. Brandon and I are taking care of our healthy, little baby girl, Eva James Jenner.”

…oh just playing on the floor with my best friend. ✨

A photo posted by Leah Jenner (@leah_jenner) on

One of us absolutely loves the rain. A photo posted by Brandon Jenner (@brandontjenner) on

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