Ivanka Trump’s “Casual Friday” Maternity Style

Ivanka Trump's "Casual Friday" Maternity Style

Pregnant in plaid.

Expectant mama Ivanka Trump posted an updated photo of her baby bump via Instagram. “A casual Friday look for school drop off,” the businesswoman, 34, captioned the image.

The Celebrity Apprentice star – who is already mom to daughter Arabella, 4, and son Joseph, 2, with husband Jared Kushner – recently opened up about her third pregnancy.

“I feel great,” she told Yahoo! Parenting. “Our house is in a constant state of chaos but I feel great. Arabella is very excited [too]. Joseph is less excited and is now just constantly reminding me that he’s my baby. … He’s very excited though that I moved him in to share a bedroom with his sister. They’re thick as thieves and it’s the most fun thing to ever have happened to them in their lives.”

As for her mommy priorities, “It’s really the individual time with each of them, spending one-on-one time with them,” she shared. “Arabella loves reading. Joseph always wants to play with cars and trains with me on the floor. I make sure each day I spend like 30 minutes doing something with each kid.”

Ivanka also dished on her famous father, presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

“My father always encouraged us to come into the office and experience what it is he does every day and is passionate about, and I think that’s why my siblings and I are involved in the Trump Organization and are working in real estate,” she shared. “His passion and enthusiasm ultimately became infectious for us. So, instead of compartmentalizing my work and home, I love when Arabella and Joseph come into the office. … Arabella and I have had weekly lunch dates. I think involving them in a natural way into my passions is important. Now Arabella knows her way around a floor plan, the color coding. I think it’s really fun to expose them to the cool things I do.”

Although he’s said degrading comments about women, Ivanka says he’s an “incredible” role model.

“He’s really, really amazing with the kids,” she shared. “They see him most weekends during the summer. We’re together in New Jersey with one of our golf clubs. They spend a lot of time rolling around with him on golf carts. They adore him. It was funny, I was walking down the street with Arabella and she saw a large pothole and said, “Mom, Grandpa would not like that!” She gets that from driving around with him. I just thought that was such a cute comment. [Because of him,] she’s paying attention to New York City infrastructure!”

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